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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Miena, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Miena Elder

    Website link:
    To submit kills fill out this form. If that isn't agreeable you can also pm me here or message me in game on Marcone to get your guild/kills listed.

    Planned targets tracked for TDS:

    Captain Tita's Ghost
    Clear the following:
    Praetor Vitio
    Clear the following:
    Tier 1
    Clear the following:
    Tier 2
    Clear the following:
    Tier 3 (Final Target)
    Clear the following:
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  2. Aegir Augur

    Thank you for keeping it up to date, Miena! :)
  3. Volas New Member

    Im sure the 23 people left on Phinny appreciate this alot!
  4. Koggar.Bertoxxulous Elder

    Hahahaha, you're hilarious! First time anyone's ever made THAT joke! Or maybe you don't want to admit to yourself that TLPs can be viable long term so that you can justify jumping on the hamster wheel over and over and over... never quite scratching that itch, never filling the gaping void? Nah, couldn't be that
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  5. Skuz Augur

    There are 3 active raid guilds & a bunch of people who are in casual guilds or playing without a guild - there are live servers who don't have that many, some didn't have that many in TDS.

    So well over 100 actual players regularly over any 24hr cycle. And yeah for sure that is a small number but 23 is blatantly lying.

    Most probably don't care about tracking progress, and never did, with only 3 guilds you may think it doesn't matter to anyone, but you'd be wrong.
  6. nazgull2k1 Lorekeeper

    Oh damn... you sure showed him! I mean.. 100 whole people!! Holy crap!

    Dead server is dead. Nobody cares about your "100 people" which is actually probably like 30 people and each of their 4 box accounts.
  7. Numiko Augur

    Obvious Troll is Obvious.
  8. Skuz Augur

  9. SunDrake Augur

    Dude came in a different thread and said Coirnav had 20 people. 5 active raid guilds.

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