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  1. Damezza Augur

    for a pet tanking combo of tough named mobs, which pairs best? chant,druid, or sham?

    ive tried:

    druid - like it. but beyond buffing/debuffing i wasnt doing much with the druid

    sham - same as druid

    chanter - most recommended option but cant heal or cure or debuff like druid or sham can.

    which tool is more vital and therefor which class brings more of whats NEEDED to the table?
  2. took2summit11 Augur

    Have you ever considered adding a real tank, vs adding a class to help augment your pet tank?

    I think a real tank is much better than a pet, especially against a named where you have full discs/burns on.
  3. Damezza Augur

    player tanks require raid gearing and more attention to out perform a pet tank
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  4. took2summit11 Augur

    That is very far from the truth. My fresh level 110 paladin with auto grant AA and previous expansion GROUP gear is tanking ROS T2 names just fine..with 1 healer merc only.
  5. Tucoh Augur

    If your goal is to take on the toughest content you can with a pet class in live, a mag/enc is your best bet. Mages can cure the pet via:

    And enchanters can debuff the mob quite well with slow/stat debuffs:

    and magic resist debuffs (tash).

    The enchanter can also assist the merc healers with absorbing damage via runes, give ADPS to the mage and are good pullers (especially with the mage's CoTH).
  6. Frogmancer Augur

    This is questionable, at best. Pet tanks are pretty dag-gum durable, especially with either reptile or lethargy on.
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  7. Damezza Augur

    ive only tried sk in the duo box w/ player tank department. any good duos with pallies as the tank?
  8. took2summit11 Augur

    This is the kind of comment that leads people astray. These forums are so full of proponents of pet tanking that it’s actually kind of crazy. Pet tanking works, for sure. It is easy, for sure. However, an equally geared/AA’ed tank vs pet is really not even in the same ball park. The tank may require a little more buttons pressing and making sure you have all your recourses/aa’s/discs going, but once you become somewhat skilled a pet tank can not touch a real tank, and that’s the way it should be. I hate to say it, but anyone that thinks a pet can tank better than a real tank, has no clue how to play a real tank. Now, don’t go get a raid EM fully maxed pet AA’s and compare it to a freshly level auto-grant 110 group gear tank. But like I said, an equally geared/AA’ed tank vs a mage is not even close in tanking abilities. I watched an auto grant 109 mage with Conflagrant EM try to tank trash in ROS was ugly, very ugly. Meanwhile my paladin didn’t die a single time against trash and tanked all 4 names in basement just fine. I am on a crusade to tell people the truth!
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  9. Belexes Augur

    If this is the pally I am thinking of, he is right. I have been in his groups a few times and he has been tanking the named in the HS basement. I am taking him at his word that he isn't an end game pally with all the latest raid gear on. :p Of course, they are not lasting too long when I am burning him down with my ranger. :p He is also not duoing.

    It isn't that hard to get gear for a real tank. SK is the way to go with the duo, I am telling you. It isn't hard to duo with an SK. Click a disc, get aggro locked and then go to town with your other toon on dps. I play on two seperate PCs with the rogue and an SK. If I can do it, anyone can.

    I also duo with a 110 mage with EM19 pet and 110 ranger.

    Remember guys, he is duoing, not crushing stuff with a full group.

    With two toons and two healer mercs, you better have some decent DPS. You don't want to tank forever to kill these things. You want them down fast, especially in dungeons where you have to clear roamers/rooms and don't want adds spawning on you because you are taking 5-10 min killing a named mob.
  10. Israfel Elder

    To answer the original question, Druid mage is quite appealing for a number of reasons but enchanter mage is just about as solid as a pet duo is going to get. You might have a rough time with names that use strong DoTs or AEs, but those tend to be hard in general.
  11. took2summit11 Augur

    Hey Belexes! Yep, it’s me Foradak. And yep I duo the nec Droka. And Yep, your DPS is godlike! And yep, I have killed the names before with my nec as the primary dps (he is fresh auto grant 110 also). Thanks for the support and hope to group with you again soon :)
  12. strongbus Augur

    1st. I will always agree a real tank played right will out tank a pet any day of the week.

    But in a box group when it comes to comparing a real tank vs a pet tank. There is 1 big question that need to be answered. Is the tank the char the player will be spending the most time on?

    If the player is going be playing the tank as the main char in the box crew then by all means go for it. but if the play plans to main one of the other char in a box crew then no a pet tank is better.

    I mostly box a caster group. but do have a few alt group some made with tanks. When I main the tank everything goes great. But if I try and main one of the other char and just box the tank it all goes south.

    If one of the char gets aggro form the tank by the time i switch over and move the tank to re-get aggro its over the char is dead. With a pet or merc tank i can just stop dpsing and the pet/merc move themself and re-get aggro.(while i heal the toon that got aggro)
  13. Damezza Augur

    you duo necro/pall?
  14. took2summit11 Augur

    Yes..but I am not necessarily recommending it. Nec is in a pretty bad spot at the moment. If you already have a mage built up, which it sounds like you may, I would say to give SK/mage a shot! If I were to reroll, I would likely choose something along those lines.
  15. Belexes Augur

    Yeah I believe you are duoing those named down there, bet it takes some time though. You have room down there once you get them into your camp, so you don't need to hurry because of adds and you have those healer mercs. The only real hard part is single pulls and you can split pull with nec.

    You do pretty good with the pally and nec. It will get better when you get more practice and AA.

    400k to 550k dps on a named isn't godlike. If it was, Fintank's ranger would would be wanting my autograph. :p Just call me above average.
  16. Damezza Augur

    I know the Druid is a popular suggestion...

    You lose cc but gain heals,cure, attack debuffs, fire debuffs, EGRESS!, snare

    Any class that can snare + coth makes for perfect pulling. So cc is less needed

    Reptile buff + Druid debuffs = invincible pet

    Egress works great when pet drops

    Just looking to make sure people are aware of all that a Druid can do before committing to chanter
  17. Tucoh Augur

    Both will work for you.

    Also note that once you get a 2box team setup, it's much easier to level another character via fellowship XP. So you don't need to feel locked into one team once you get rolling.
  18. Axel2 Journeyman

    Actually, do compare raid geared focus pet to a fresh, sub-geared 110 tank. The second a 2nd mob comes into camp, the pet is going to have a tough time keeping aggro on it, but a warrior/SK/Paladin can hit an instant-cast button and hold aggro on both no problem, where the mage/necro will probably die.

    Also, my mage pulls aggro from my EM25 water pet very often when it is tanking (earth pets can't hold agro at all even with aggro weapons+BP click, unless I wait 30 seconds, and even then I have to hold back). No tank will ever have a problem keeping aggro off of a mage. Maybe I'm doing it wrong by casting my normal multi-bind/trying to do DPS (like a mage should), but pet tanks are absolute garbage unless absolutely necessary, and even then, I will never, ever ever compare them to a real tank from the aggro component alone.

    To answer the OP, the enchanter is probably your best option with druid being second (shaman would be second since they heal and debuff better than a druid, but they don't provide ADPS to casters like a druid would). CC, ADPS (who needs pet tanks when IoG+Chromatic Haze+other burns will murder the mob before it gets to camp), runes, and pretty good debuffs will get the job done. Not to mention the fact that you can just through Night's Endless Terror on the pet and the pet can heal itself.
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  19. Drogba Augur

    I thought that was where the mage sends their swarm pets to offtank the add, while burning the main one they are on?
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  20. Damezza Augur

    after weeks of pouring over these forums i have reached the conclusion that know one knows anything about pet tanking for sure. some say it works, some say it doesnt. both sides are so passionate that neither answer is correct.

    Does anyone play everquest CURRENTLY and can speak to whether or not pet tanking works against group named? if so, which pet and which support class?

    the most reasonable response ive gathered is:

    pet tank > non-raid geared player tank
    raid geared player tank >>>>>> pet tank

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