Pet stop command?

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  1. Siddar Augur

    When was this ability added to the game?

    I don't believe this is a classic pet command and as such should be disabled on TLP servers for continuity and exploit reasons.
  2. nostalgicfool Augur

    No idea, i tried pet stop, pet sit, pet guard ... whatever i do he jump on mob, even back does not work
    since he re-attack as soon as i or he get hit. Even spamming the back order he barely comes back.

    It is sort of annoying cause since he is much lower level than me i believe that he triggers social agro
    from grey.

    There is also something weird, i read that green and lower would not socialize, i tried to single pull
    centaurs with pet parked really far away and grey still added. May be this works only if you body pull without attacking first, but according to what i read people managed to single pull non kos mobs.

    I tried with several spell : slow, debuf (hoping than no direct damage would help) and dots too.

    Note that i don't know in to which of the game era people referred.
  3. Adonhiram Augur

    - Pet stop is not a classic command. I haven't found any use to this command, maybe another mage or nec has found and might want to share with us.

    - As long we have no AAs and therefore no /pet hold (till Luclin), it is normal that pet strikes back when attacked, whatever command you might use.

    - /pet sit is broken right now. It used to let pet stand at the last position where its hate list got cleared (by a successfull back off or by the mob's death), but that doesn't work anymore.

    - Green pet pulling aka GPP (using a low level pet to single pull higher level mobs) code has been disabled at the launch of TSS era, and I think TLP servers cannot revert that kind of code back, so GPP won't work on any EQ server anymore.

    Word of advise, as long /pet focus is not in game (which is the upgraded Pet Discipline AA, step 2 after step 1 which is /pet hold), you should have two different attack hotkeys :

    - /pet back off + /pet attack, which clears your pet's hate list and helps tremendously in sending your pet on the right mob when you have multiple foes --> everyday hunting, group hungting, raiding, sharing aggro between two or three mobs your pet is on (well, the mitigation nerf has severely limited that hypothesis now) before nuking/healing
    - /pet queueattack, when you want several mobs to stay on pet's hate list --> farming mostly, you can click it directly in your pet window, but I prefer having a keyboard shortcut which allows more reactivity imo.
  4. Raizer New Member

    Pet stop is a bit odd in that you have to use it after a mob has been added to the pet's threat list. When the pet is stopped it seems to trigger its ooc regen after a tick as well. The only real use I found for it was when I was helping a friend level up I could put my pet on a frog in lguk and pet stop at 75% and then he could dot the mob up (druid) and he wouldn't pull aggro until the frog was almost dead, meanwhile the pet was out-regening the damage it took. I suppose it could also be used to offtank in a group setting as well, but it's unlikely you're grouping on stuff that can be out healed by 20% hp a tick on a pet.
  5. Thash Augur

    The best use I found for pet stop was helping melees train weapon skills. Duel, melee attacks pet, /pet stop, pet stands still in ooc regen mode while everyone reads a book or something. It hasn't proven too useful in combat situations, the previously existing commands have suited my TLP needs thus far.
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  6. Miss Shortcake Elder

    It's pretty amazing that a stopped pet can still get ooc regen while something is whacking it. Plenty of times I've needed some desperate medtime and my pet can hold a mob almost indefinitely without my support because of it.
  7. Adonhiram Augur

    Ok thanks for your input guys, so /pet stop is a combo of /pet back off + /pet sit if I understand that correctly, good to know :)
  8. good post maker Journeyman

    Remove pets, ban mages.
  9. nostalgicfool Augur

    Do i need to /duel a mage ? or should i go to the arena ?

    Will i get xp penalty if zone moron kills me while raising skills on a mage pet in the arena.

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