Fixed Internally Pet Renaming Bug

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Sancus, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. Sancus Augur

    Summary: Occasionally when two players summon the same kind of pet or swarm pet simultaneously, one of the player's pets inherits the name of the other pet.

    I believe this issue can happen to anyone summoning a pet, but I have only personally experienced it on my Magician. In raids, especially those that seem fairly laggy, it is common to see Reckless Servant or Host of Elements pets I cast renamed with other people's names. For example, if Piemastaj (another Mage) and myself cast Reckless Servant at approximately the same time, they both might summon as "Piemastaj`s pet."

    This seems especially common at the start of the raid where I normally cast Reckless Servant and then cast Host of the Elements during the global cooldown. Sometimes Host fails to cast the first time or is interrupted, and it seems interrupts may have some relation to this bug. It's worth noting that with only the "My pet hits" filter set to show, the pets that you summoned will still report their melee damage to you even with a different name. In the aforementioned example, with all other damage turned off, Piemastaj`s pet (and its melee damage) would appear on my parse. If Piemastaj had the same settings, that second Piemastaj`s pet would not appear on his parse.

    I was able to successfully recreate this in the arena by having two Mages cast Host of Elements at the same time. All pets from both Host casts summoned with the name "Sancus`s pet." The second Mage (Kanelen) was interrupted because I had sit bound to the same key as Host of Elements (which was honestly completely unintentional). The order in which I used keys were J (Host of Elements bind on Sancus) -> Alt + Tab -> 3 -> 3 -> 3 -> 3 (Host of Elements and sit bind on Kanelen). Kanelen (the other Mage) began casting Host, sat (and therefore interrupted himself), and then began casting Host again. Here are his logs:
    [Fri Nov 01 11:18:31 2019] Sancus begins casting Host of the Elements XXIII.
    [Fri Nov 01 11:18:32 2019] You begin casting Host of the Elements XXIII.
    [Fri Nov 01 11:18:32 2019] Your Host of the Elements XXIII spell is interrupted.
    [Fri Nov 01 11:18:32 2019] Your ability failed. Timer has been reset.
    [Fri Nov 01 11:18:32 2019] You begin casting Host of the Elements XXIII.
    I also took a video of this happening here:

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  2. Duder Augur

    Wild, I saw this happen and couldn't quite figure out what was going on but this is exactly what occurred. Thanks Sancus.
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  3. MiataDriver Augur

    I have had that happen once on a raid to my pet, got renamed to another shaman's pet. Really messed up gamparse.
  4. Ghubuk Augur

    I have also had it happen in a raid just from zoning. Pet was up before I zoned and it took the name of another sk's pet.

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