password is incorrect but it was working yesterday, this is the same issue he's been having since la

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by banshee101, Nov 25, 2020.

  1. banshee101 New Member

    I am responding to this on my husband's behalf.
    He has not been able to access------------ and this issue is still outstanding
    Now his main account ----------- cannot be accessed either
    He is still having problems with this account, it keeps telling him that the password is incorrect but it was working yesterday, this is the same issue he's been having since last week,
    I even watched him input the information without success. Not sure what is going on but he cannot access his account and is getting very frustrated.
    He is a retired Veteran with PTSD and this is his only enjoyment in life and this issue is frustrating him to no end. This is the only thing he enjoys and it is being taken away due to system issues on your end.
    I work in customer service and we bend over backwards to keep clients happy. He has been playing this game for 19 years and 333 days on one account and 18 years 264 days on another, so to totally disregard a long time user in this way is unbelievable.
    This all started when he tried to buy the expansion for these 2 accounts, his main characters.

    request (909271) Natalia F. (Daybreak Games)

    I have not heard back from her or daybreak .

    The customer service you provide is inadequate . I have not heard from Natalia F. since the 23 of November .

  2. Nennius Curmudgeon

    This forum is really for player support from other players. But, I might suggest the following.

    1. PM Dreamwaver. It isn't really his job, but he has helped several folks, including myself, with odd problems. He can refer things to folks who can work wonders.
    2. Have you tried to change the PW? That may not work at all, but I have have had things work for me when I didn't think they would.
    3. Check your e-mail. Did Natalia F. ask for additional info. on the petition? If so, were you able to provide the requested information?
    4. Double check your PW. I have had some serious brain fades at times where I was sure I was putting in the correct information, but I wasn't really.
    5. Start another petition. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and the likelihood of anyone looking at it is very slim until at least Friday.

    Good luck with it. I have gotten good help in almost every petition I have started and I hope you do too.
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  3. banshee101 New Member

    Hi , thanks for your response.
    I tried to change my password . I get emails saying my password has been changed ,
    However the password does not work . I have no choice but to cancel my CC in the AM and have a new one reissued . This will mean that non of my accounts will have all access .I wont be putting my credit card on file again .

    Problems happen , However daybreak has poor customer service . I pay 2640.00 a year . Plus expansions and money I spend on DB cash . You would just figure I would get some customer service .
  4. CatsPaws SMH

    If you cancel your credit card you will lose the account(s) forever. They will look at a cancelled credit card as a chargeback which is an immediate banning of the account. You will take away any hope of ever getting this fixed. Not only will you not pay for EQ but you will not play....not even free. A few days is not very much money compared to what you have spent already. Give them a is a holiday here in the States

    So are you saying he cannot access the account on sign in AND he cannot access the account thru "account management"? Those are different areas.

    Don't give up hope from the petition. 2 or 3 days is not long. What did you hear from Natalia F. ?

    I mean did she say what the possibilities were or what?

    edit - if he is getting "invalid credentials" then there are lots of other people posting they are getting that also. And apparently CS is working on it for everyone.
  5. AanuvanesBuffArmy New Member

    I believe the invalid credentials has been linked to "special characters" in your account name. I also cannot log in to the forums at least because my account name has an underscore in it.
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  6. trakk Lorekeeper

    This has a couple threads already, unless he can't even log into the game. That's a different matter. If it's the site or's known and they're working on it, and it really sucks because can't add cc or dbc or buy the expansion etc etc, but if it's the invalid credentials on a site, not the game itself, you should look before posting. There is a thread here AND in Bug Reports about this(where it should be)
  7. CatsPaws SMH

    That is why I asked for clarification if he is getting "invalid password" or "invalid credentials" Or are they the same issue that goes under the posts for "invalid credentials"?

    And apparently he cannot log into the game, the account management (which is why she wants to cancel the credit card) :eek:
  8. Svann2 The Magnificent

    I dont think this is true. I had a cc re-issued with a new number and didnt realize that I needed to change the payment source for EQ. Thats pretty much the same thing as if it got cancelled since either way the new charge wont go through. My account just went silver until I fixed it.

    A charge back is different because the charge does go through, but then you reverse it.

    And think about how BAD that would be if you couldnt cancel a CC. What if it got stolen? You would HAVE to cancel it.
  9. CatsPaws SMH

    Don't be silly, of course you can cancel a credit card - and replace it with a new one. The system would also recognize the difference between an expired credit card and what op wants to do.
  10. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Its not a chargeback if you cancel a cc. A chargeback is when the cc already got charged and then you ask that the charges be reversed.

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