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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Dharkarai, Jun 6, 2021.

  1. Dharkarai New Member

    With how many times they launch a TLP, I really do not understand why they have not added a COD to the parcel system. Some people are MILES away from any bank or parcel NPC and want you to just send them stuff and hope you'll not get ripped off and paid later ? It's such a simple addition to a system that is HEAVILY USED.
  2. Cainen Augur

    I would assume its not a "simple addition" due to how the parcel system works. Its been requested before(just about every time a tlp opens) so I have to assume its a technical / time limitation.
  3. Elabone Elder

    I've CoDd hundreds of players over the course of multiple TLPs. And never once been ripped off. If you're trading HIGH value items work out a way to take in person. Anything under multiple krono. Stop doubting the community.
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  4. c313 Elder

    As the poster above mentioned. I too have "CoD'd" a ton of items over the course of the life of every TLP. The QoL feature it would add would be fine, however not necessary. Trust your community a bit more.

    If you're trading anything of a Krono or more in value you should simply make a meet up point. Make lvl 1 alts and trade
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  5. Spooky Augur

    this is a social game, if someone scams you just make a monk and have fun
  6. Nickatropolis Augur

    part of the convenience of parcels sales comes with inherent risk of being ripped off. Has it happened? Sure, but it's ultra rare and 99% of parcel says go appropriately.
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  7. Barder-mangler Augur

    To reiterate what previous posters have said, I’ve used the parcel system for thousands and thousands of trades over the years, most I’ve ever been scammed for was about 100p. It’s kind of impressive, for all the shenanigans that go on in EQ, trade scams are INCREDIBLY rare. I’ll blindly parcel anything up to 1-2kr in value and have relative certainty it will be paid for. Kudos to the community for getting us to this point.
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  8. Nolrog Augur

    I am sure it's a time vs reward situation. Do you want to invest the time to add something like this when it is totally obsolete as soon as Luclin opens up?

    Considering how infrequently there are problems, as noted by several people above and the fact that you can create a level 1 alt to sit in the Commonlands, where most people set up to trade and there is a parcel vendor to send stuff to yourself, you can easily mitigate any risk, making the need for this even less.
  9. SleezerGeezer Elder

    I use it religiously, but I won't risk large sums.
  10. Iyacc Augur

    The only real reason I could see for them to invest the time on it is if they feel like it's helpful to pull micro amounts of coin out of the economy as a C.O.D. fee.
  11. Accipiter Old Timer

    I have. Usually for less than 100pp. "Oh, can you parcel that to me? I'm at Hamlord and I can't leave right now. I'll send the money as soon as I'm done here." Uh huh.
  12. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    The easy solution is to only send parcels to people you have interacted with before and can trust to send payment after they get the item.

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