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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Pawtato, May 17, 2020.

  1. Pawtato Augur

    Honest, question how often are you using Overseer? For me, I used it heavily at first and was logging in to check the quest status. Now, I find myself forgetting it exists. The UI is too cumbersome to bother, especially the more you level.

    Maybe it’s working as intended and getting enough attention from the ‘whales’, but it just hasn’t had a critical success with me.
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  2. Andarriel Augur

    Its great bunch of ts stuff and dinged me 112 cant complain. I play it on 4 accounts now had to make another account for another trader since they don't wanna up the trader bag limit 100 is a joke.

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  3. Fredescu Augur

    I can't see why you wouldn't use it unless you've maxed everything already. From 111 onwards the exp is better than any grinding. Once you hit 115, it's the best way to make up for death exp loss, and the collects are great. Once I'm done with collects, I'll switch to TS items and get ready for that TS grind.
  4. Tatanka Augur

    As a long-time scrub and behind-the-curve player, I think it's great. Using it on my main's account to fill in collectibles, and on a second account to level up a character.

    Agreed, if you're up-to-date on levels and collections and tradeskills, it's not that great.... assuming you have no alts on that account, where, again, it would really help a lot.

    Oh yeah, another place where it helps a lot.... merc AA. They still have never addressed the issue where mercs take FOREVER to accrue AA.

    So really, unless you have one account, and one char on the account, it seems pretty useful.

    Now, the UI does kinda suck, but there are ways to deal with that. For me, I simply forgot about trying to min/max anything. I cash in quests, do conversions, do recruits if available, and then pick the first quests that seem useful and get them going. No spending a lot of time getting the absolute best agents for a quest, etc. Haven't ever done a recovery quest, etc.
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  5. Riou Augur

    Still do it everyday, currently for Mercenary EXP, have gained about 220 merc AA since it started, it will be nerfed before can max it out though since maxing it out would take another like 5 months at current rates
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  6. Kolani Augur

    Every time I log in. When I was using Overseer to level up my shaman and shadowknight, I logged in a couple extra times a day before I went to work to maximize it.
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  7. Yinla Augur

    Gone form doing it on 6 accounts down to 4 after the collects became no drop. Using it to level up alts I don't get time to play at the moment. Once that is done I'll prolly stop as I don't have much use for the other stuff.
  8. Vumad Augur

    I use it for the rewards, but I ignore the lore. The faster I can get in and out the better.

    It would have made a great companion app on the phone for in game benefits when you don't have access to your computer.
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  9. Pawtato Augur

    I think that was the original intention, when they were hinting about something new in the EQ franchise.
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  10. dreadlord Augur

    Sadly, only using it very occasionally for alts.
    Still furious about collectibles becoming no drop with no warning
    (which also means there's nothing in it for me any more)
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  11. Nadisia Augur

    Same as Dreadlord just above me : very very (very) occasionally for alts I don't play at all, just to keep them in range.

    Even for XP, it's somewhat miserable.
    If I really want to level up one of these alts, I just turn on the fellowship XP sharing for a couple of days, play with my other characters, and I can get 1 full level or 2 in no time with XP vitality.

    Merc XP? Just run repeatable tasks here and there, pop merc before completion, bam, 2 AAs or more, so even for that, it's almost worthless.

    I hope it didn't take a lot of resources and dev manpower, cuz ... well, it's wasted.
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  12. Petalonyx Augur

    I use Overseer about 2 times daily on 4 accounts.

    The regular exp reward is PHENOMENAL once you get to the hell levels of 112+. I've leveled quite a few alts from 112 to 115 this way.

    I intend to level all Overseer exp types to max, and then will use it for currency, or other rewards depending on what I need most at the time.
  13. Tatanka Augur

    I've never seen anything remotely close to that. Where are these tasks at?
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  14. GoneFission Augur

    I used Overseer to get 7 characters on three accounts to 111, to where I could start them through the ToV quests, though I haven’t made time to actually do that yet. I’ve been trying to get trade skill mats for conflagrant, but I’ve seen a serious lack of 12 and 24 hour missions that guarantee ores and such.

    As the missions get higher level, the tedious interface gets worse. The job selection isn’t so bad, but the attribute optimization takes so long.

    Because (in my opinion) the interface window is already huge, there’s really no room to add controls. Instead, I’d like to see the existing interface work better. For example, I assume that the job selection for the optional participants doesn’t automatically select because you could opt for different jobs that have better matches for the attributes. Why not make the job title a toggle, so if I highlight it, I get only matching jobs? Turn it off, I get everyone again.

    Same process for the optimal attribute lists. Click on the field to highlight it and the matching Overseer characters highlight (or non-matching leave). Highlight multiple fields shows the combination matches. No more scrolling up and down that huge attribute drop-down. Each participant can be narrowed quickly using the fields already in the interface.

    Even getting familiar with which Overseers have which attributes, setting 5 missions on three accounts optimizing each mission easily can take me half an hour or more, especially with missions that have some 5 participants each. Simplifying the selection process would help enormously.
  15. Nadisia Augur

    It's not always 2 AAs, or more, but some super easy tasks like O.M.A.D in ToV GD give almost 70% merc AA XP in what ... 5 minutes? 10 if you're slow?

    Just a test :

    The screen is from after/before O.M.A.D.

    Same for Reliks from the Past, also in GD, and for this one, if you have a mage and a wiz or druid in the group, can be done in 3 minutes chrono : bind the wiz in front on the NPCs in the cave, pick up the quest, coh the wiz with the mage near the small bag, grab the bag, gate back to NPC, trade the bag, click the 2 lines of text, CoH back to the small ruins near the bag, talk to the giant in the fort (10 sec from the ruins camp), CoH back, pop the 2 aggressive coldains, kill them, you get the pickaxe, gate back, trade the pickaxe, done, exact same XP, 70%.

    So in 15 minutes, you can get more than 1.5 merc AA.

    Maybe test The Way Back Home in EW (Ada's mum), this one is super easy and fast too (basically, it's just running and kill one single mob).

    And from the easy missions (Griklor in EW, Restless Assault in GD) you get way more than that.
    I don't know exactly how much (and I can't test it atm because I'm under cooldown) but I'll edit later if I run the missions again today.
  16. Tatanka Augur

    Thanks, Nadisia.

    Two things: I don't have TBL or ToV yet, so looks like it's just the later quests which do this. OK, fine, that's on me. But, the other issue.... what about lower level chars? They can't do quests in ToV anyway. I have a character I'm leveling, who's making a level every few days (I go slow, I know), and each level I make on that char gets about 2-3 merc AAs over that time. Absolutely ridiculous and pathetic.

    For lower level chars, the Overseer option for merc AA XP is a godsend. But I'm glad they finally started addressing the issue in newer expacs.
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  17. Coagagin Augur

    Its easy supplemental experience on alts till maxxed out. No big deal. I wouldn't consider receiving as much as 2 percent of 115 trivial. Perhaps you for you it is. My alts, my experience its just free experience. Complain if you like. I have a tinker alt on the same account as my main, that toon reaps all the benefits and only costs me logging the toon in.

    You get out of it what you put into it. Though I would like to see more available for the Overseer Tech(whatevers) available. "Team" decision or not. Its limited and I have a quarter million alt cash to spend on nothing.
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  18. Laurana Journeyman

    Using it everyday since inception. I'm saving all the coin, have about 250k of the currency saved. Going to buy suits of the armor for my mains, then buy armor to sell for platinum. I was already max level/AA/merc AA, complete collections, and all the tradeskilling material I'll ever need, so no benefit there. Doesn't take more than 20 minutes total in a day to do a handful of quests and will provide some good long-term cash-flow of platinum. That's my angle on it.
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  19. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I use it everyday. I'm leveling my enchanter/tinker alt with it. If I keep getting ^%@%#$^ duplicates of Elite overseers though I may become violent.
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  20. Metanis Augur

    Not a fan. Never use it. Too clunky. Too ugly. Makes me cry.
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