Fixed [Overseer] Elite Quests and job requirements wrong

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  1. Oxgoad Lorekeeper

    At least one Common quest line also has redundant bonuses:

    Level 2 Crafting:
    Clever Toys - Artisan (2), Bonuses: Exotic, Attractive
    Who Is What? - Artisan (2), Bonuses: Attractive, Exotic

    I suppose it might be intentional, but that seems contrary to the way the other quest lines are set up. But hey, if you stocked up on exotic, attractive artisans, you're in luck!
  2. OlavSkullcrusher Augur

    Since they are on different quests, even if only one agent can satisfy those bonuses, it would not be a bug. But I will agree that there is too much duplication of agents in different quests. Whether intentional or not, it results in filling out one quest in your list, and then not being able to fill in other quests at the same time with as many bonuses. For instance, in a given rotation, I usually get 2-3 quest offers that Ambassador D'Vinn would fill perfectly, while no other agent would give all the bonuses.

    With 180+ agents, we shouldn't have trouble doing whichever 5 quests we want in a given rotation and getting to 90%+ success chance unless the best agents are incapacitated. But for a given level and type of quest, there seems to be a very small set of agents used. Given the higher incapacity chance at higher level quests, it can be really frustrating trying to find 5 quests of the duration you want that don't drop below 85% success.
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  3. Balthozzar Elder

    I am working on Overseer from the beginning on a new server and came across another one.

    Level 1 Elite Crafting - Favor for Phinigel

    Slot 1 - Artisan(3) - Frivolous
    Slot 2 - Merchant(3) - Peaceful, Citizen, Zombie

    The Undead Barkeep is a Merchant(2) that is Peaceful, Citizen, Zombie. There are no Merchants rank 3 or higher that are zombies. There are two rank 3+ Artisans that are Frivolous, Meldrath (Elite Artisan(3)) and Bimbalicus (Rare Artisan(4)), but given the pattern of other errors, I wonder if the Coral Carver (Common Artisan(2)) was intended to fit as well. This has been listed as "Confirmed" for a long time. Any progress?
  4. TrueNorth Developer

    This should be fixed as of the July 2021 update. If you find more quests with no matching traits, please let us know.