Our 22nd Anniversary Celebration Begins Tomorrow!

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    It's that time of year in Norrath again! Tomorrow we celebrate the day we first stepped foot into the world we know and love. So thank you for twenty-two years of slaying those dragons, finding new adventures every day with your friends, and exploring the realms of Norrath and beyond. Here are a few of the things you can expect in game, and stay tuned tomorrow for the launch of one last thing.

    Logging in between 12 AM PDT on March 16 through 11 PM on March 31 will net you that yearly 50% Bonus XP.

    All Access members logging in between 12 AM PDT on March 16 - 10 PM PDT on April 20 will receive the following for their account (Please keep in mind this is one per account not character).
    • 1x Goblet of Adventure III
    • 1x Othmir Fez Hat Ornament
    • 1x Hero's Forge Unlock
    We have 2 new quests and a new mission this year that will net you anniversary point, a Horn of Unity upgrade, and maybe an augment or two!

    And last but certainly not least, check out the merchant for new items including a mount, Gnoll pup illusion, buffing food, and a new set of Ornaments!

    We hope you enjoy all our anniversary offerings and have an amazing time in Norrath!
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    The Heroes Forge unlock, is consumed when the player opens the package..

    Both the Fez Hat and the Fez Hat Package are heirloom

    The potion is not.
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