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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Talimat, May 27, 2020.

  1. Talimat Elder

    Why are streamers showing only 200 online? Is that seriously all we have in is a select group who gets preferential treatment? If so that's extremely dissappointing.
  2. Overcast451 Elder

    There were rumors of some such on Mangler's launch too...
  3. Unrest_Revelations Apprentice

    That's what we're seeing..sad..
    15 year break only to come back to this. I see not much has changed.
  4. Santified Lorekeeper

    Because that is all that is online.
  5. Piznut Augur

    They're throttling the servers...but it's been sitting at 200 for a while.. They really need to open them up some more for a second wave. Because in about an hour people are going to be getting off work in EST time, then the login servers are really gonna start getting hit after that.
  6. Santified Lorekeeper

    Nope things have changed. They are worse.
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  7. MMOer Augur

    They are throttling the char creation / login to 225 players. Most streamers are streaming the queue. The reason so low.. potato servers and code?

    Just got to wait... or try tomorrow. Could be 8 hours at this rate.
  8. Dominate Elder

    They have throttled the population for several launches now. Increasing it in waves of a couple hundred at a time. It is what it is.
  9. Mythrox New Member

    While it is disappointing for all of us who have not been able to log on, I believe they are controlling the population so the server does not crash and they will gradually increase the population as they see fit. Hopefully it starts to happen sooner than later...
  10. Vark Journeyman

    well they could at least tell us the real queue time and not kick us out!
    If I have 1 hour left, ill do something else and come back
    Oh wait no we cant before their stupid system kick us out if you do not move your mouse even in queue...

    So 2020...
  11. Mashef Augur

    Dreamweaver must be picking up lunch for the team. Can't even be bothered to post an update on what is going on. This is vintage DBG. Good work DPG. Never thought i'd say it but I miss Smedley and SOE.
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  12. Talimat Elder

    Right but sitting at 200 1h 15m in is completely unacceptable. That's not acceptable for 15 mins in.
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  13. Rothj Augur

    I just don't get what the point even is when you do things this way? Tell people that they are only letting 200 on at launch and 400 after 2 hours, something like that. Don't say "server launching at 12 pm" when it's just going to make everyone mad because you don't let anyone in.
  14. Infuse Journeyman

    They give absolutely no sh!ts, and it's sad. This game will die one eventually... and meaningless repeats like the one happening right now are only contributing to it.
  15. Overcast451 Elder

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  16. Vark Journeyman

    And not even posting an update???

    I did the wow classic launch...tons of queues and
    But devs were updating, launching new servers, queues were actually moving you could see your rank
    + it was not kicking you out for not moving your mouse

    That is pathetic really
  17. Talimat Elder

    If they wanted to let a select few in don't be rude to your entire player base. Let the 200 in at noon, another 400 in at 1pm. Then you can actually launch at 2pm like you advertised.
  18. Sniggz Elder

    This... 200 players online almost an hour and a half after launch? Wtf?
  19. Raisehell Lorekeeper

    its letting people create a character after q and then crashing them back to server select
  20. Talimat Elder

    Another streamer got in to make a character, but errored out trying to join the server...

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