OMG! What have I done? (Artisians Prize / Eron's Jewelry)

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by coroki, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. coroki Journeyman

    Hello fellow Norathians. I come in need of help.

    I am working on my Artisans Prize and doing the Eron's Jewelry arc in particular.

    Here is my dilemma...

    In the process of completing "Counting Shadows" I did NOT hand in the necklace at the end like requested and in my haste went on to the next quest.

    I completed the next quest (Blood for the Cure) and the necklace changed configuration and when I handed it in at the end of THAT quest.

    When I realized what I had done I tried to give him the necklace to clear the Counting Shadows quest but it did not update and it remains unfinished in my quest log.

    I asked in general chat what to do but no one knew what to do.

    I went on and completed the remainder of the quest arc thinking maybe I would get credit.

    I DID get credit for making the jewelry but in my acheievment window I did not.

    I could run Counting shadows again but I don't have the required necklace still...
    I really don't want to run through the entire arc again..

    What can I do? What can I do?
  2. Shash Journeyman

    Did you try recreating the Eron's Reconfigured Jewelry piece?


    [IMG] 1 x Eron's Reconfigured Jewelry

    [IMG] 1 x Black Gem Grade Faycite - Dropped
    [IMG] 1 x Eron's Steel Reconfiguration Pattern -
    [IMG] 1 x Eron's Tertiary Setting Jewelry - Crafted, Quested
    [IMG] 1 x Uncut Demantoid - Dropped

    If the Counting Shadows Quest is still open and all is complete except the final turn in then you might want to try that. If you don't have the pattern or the tertiary setting jewelry try saying ready to Eron, he might give you the items.

    Also - Check your Rewards window and see if you claimed the Reward for the prior quest and the current one. You might get the components needed.

    Also - If I'm reading this wrong and all you're missing is the Achievement acknowledgement, try opening the Achievement window by stretching it back and forth, sometimes the achievement doesn't show up until I do that a few times.

    Good Luck
  3. coroki Journeyman

    Thank you Shash!

    Unfortunately none of that worked (
  4. Goodn Elder

    I believe that once you have gotten the quests, you cannot get them any you cannot even go back and repeat up to the counting shadows one to clear it. I remember there was a bug I encountered when doing my quest line back during SoF and I tried to start it again while waiting for my petition to get answered...and I had no luck.

    So I think you are going to have to petition and pray.
  5. Thraine Augur

    i think you can talk to eron and reset the entire quest and restart from the 1st quest ... i know thats not what you want to hear, but maybe a petition will get you squared away without having to re-do the entire thing
  6. Akrom New Member

    Did you get this sorted out? I'm in the same boat. :(
  7. Tallie Journeyman

    I know I messed up and didn't do a turn in properly on one of the Enron tasks, and couldn't continue. Luckily it was only the third step or so. I was able to go back and restart from the first step.
  8. Akrom New Member

    Hmm. It won't let me start over. I can go through the prompts but when I get to "Interested," nothing happens. I guess I need to petition. :(
  9. Ugloth New Member

    If you have the final necklace showing you finished the quest you can petition and GM can toggle the achievement allowing you to continue to the earring.

    I did the same thing and when I tried to redo the whole quest it wouldn't let me past the 5th task because I was hopelessly bugged. Had to petition.
  10. Akrom New Member

    Daybreak responded to my petition and helped me get it sorted out. Thanks for all of the suggestions and I hope OP was able to get theirs taken care of as well.
  11. Dackius New Member

    Could you tell me how you petitioned? Like what did you label it under? I have the EXACT same issue, exact same quest point missed, etc.
    I petitioned, and was sent an e-mail saying they could not help me with this issue, it not in the power of GMs to correct.

    Thank you in advance for the help!

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