No matter what I read or try, I cannot wrap my head around EXP sharing

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  1. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    My guess is that when an 'experience award event' occurs, a check is made against the player's current experience/AA levels. If at 99.99% or 230AA (for lvl 115s) the experience that would have been awarded is completely discarded. It "poofs". ;)

    It's part of a fundamental system, and should not be altered. Fellowship is an add on, downstream from this fundamental system. Therefore, the cup can never runneth over.
  2. Angahran Augur

    I always thought that the fellowship sharing should not be a simply yes or no option.
    You should have 'Donate' or 'Receive'.

    So, those donating put a portion (preferably have a slider like you have for AAs) of their XP into the 'pool'.

    Those receiving would receive a portion from the pool as a bonus to any XP they earned.

    If someone had a group of good friends, they could have 5 people all donating and one receiving and really help the one guy catch up fast.
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  3. Buri Augur

    Let me try and simplify it:
    If you are capped and trying to GIVE exp, Have sharing ON when you are playing, OFF when you are offline.
    If you are trying to GET exp, Have sharing OFF when you're playing, ON when you are offline.
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  4. Keanea New Member

    You have to be able to earn experience, to then be able to share it. I have to sacrifice 3 of my toons a couple times a week to get around it.

    They can do that already, if he's offline.
  5. Thraine Augur

    dont pay attention to the capped msg, i find it wrong a lot of times.

    just turn ON sharing for all 3 toons, dont log your brothers toon on for a week, Grind like the wind, after a week of that get your bro to log, turn OFF sharing when hes gaining exp via a group, then have him turn sharing back on when he logs.

    its the only way to lvl alts imo, i got a druid from 85 to 115 off of vitality in about 8 days during the exp bonus before last.
  6. Petalonyx Augur

    Fellowship exp sharing is overly complicated. It ought to be distilled down to Donate and Receive (and option for Off).

    The limitations currently in place seem arbitrary and are not explained (capped exp can no longer donate? Must be offline? Must turn off sharing to absorb bonus, but simultaneously you can no longer receive?).
  7. Cadira Augur

    It's probably been said but I didn't care to read through all the comments to see so in the case that it just so happens to not have been answered yet here's what you should do.

    Any toons that are totally maxed on aa/level xp should be turned on sharing 99% of the time (unless you're burning through glyphs and like to keep up the aa for that or w/e)

    Any toon you want to PL - turn their sharing on WHEN THEY ARE NOT IN THE GROUP (online or offline, doesn't matter)

    When the toon you want to PL is IN the group, TURN THEIR SHARING OFF. Otherwise their expedited xp gain is essentially wasted and thrown back into the vitality pool that is shared every...half hour?

    Those who are capped on exp, as viewable by the FS window can absolutely share xp even though they are capped. Anyone saying otherwise is completely wrong. (All 5 of the toons I share on are always capped, and low and behold, they share sh!tloads of xp to the ones who aren't)
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  8. Qbert Gallifreyan

    Same, two of my main characters have been capped for months and have subsequently capped four other characters in my fellowship (that I have turned on sequentially to cap them individually) that haven't even logged on in all that time (and I'm the only person in my fellowship).
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  9. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Related question...

    I'm not in game to check right now, but can you make hotkeys to toggle sharing on/off rather than having to open up the fellowship window every time?