No Double EXP Weekend for July 4? Trying to Kill Everquest?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Andronicus, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Andronicus Elder

    Seriously....get one of the techs to 'flip the switch' and turn on Double Exp this weekend.

    Don't piss everyone off please.
  2. Laronk Augur

    Do stuff with your family, enjoy the sun, or just exp without double exp?

    I'd like double exp, I want to start characters on a new server but it's really a non issue
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  3. Crystilla Augur

    Not having double exp isn't killing everquest.
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  4. Laronk Augur

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  5. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    I assume they run reports letting them know how close how many people are to max aa and stuff... guess we are getting too close as a whole. I dont need any aa but I know a lot of people would still enjoy it.. BUT with what is likely limited new content coming out they dont want those not maxed to run out of things to do.

    That and I think they dont want to give double exp to the progression servers and they figure it will piss them off if the regular servers get it and they don't. And they do not want to piss off the progression servers any more then they did with Holly's comments about casuals.

    Whatever their reason is I am sure it makes sense... nice if they shared.......
  6. Orbital101 Augur

    We just had a very long session of double XP that unabled me to max 7 toons to 105 and max AAs on 4 of thoses and add 4 new85-86 non heroic to the list. Averaging almost 800ish AAs a day. In fact I even dislike double xp because that will push me to let go everythign else to do somethign I dont really need lol
  7. Coronay Augur

    No more double exp pls. Just makes people get bored faster
  8. Urgthock New Member

    I would LOVE some double exp. But I don't think it would kill EQ not to have it.
  9. Epicgore New Member

    Why should there be double xp for a holiday in your country when they don't do it for holidays in other countries? Is Daybreak even an american company?
  10. Numiko Augur

    Double exp only occurs on Russian Holidays now ;)
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  11. complexication Kassina

    You know there is something called going outside.

    If we have Double XP, that's cool. If we don't, that's cool too.

    It's not the end of the world.
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  12. Grimkane New Member

    We are long overdue for a rare spawn weekend!!!
  13. Andronicus Elder

  14. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Daybreak, like SOE before it, is based in California; so yes it is an American Company. They simply have been owned by foreign companies.
  15. Shiea Augur

    Based upon the title solely, I just can't take this serious. Exp is so easy to come by these days, yet somehow not doubling it for us kills EQ?
  16. Endless Augur

    I just started playing Everquest again @ mid May. Started a heroic Shadowknight and warrior to decide which I liked better. Then decided to box, so started two more accounts with heroic characters. All three of the charcters I went with (war/sham/chanter) are now lvl105 and pretty much max AA. Then I started a heroic wizard on a 4th account because I could not bring myself to just replace my shaman with the wizard using the same account. The wizard is also now 105 and 6500ish AA's. Think autogrant only got him @5200aa's.

    I think regular experience is already double experience if not more compared to way back when. And DH HA experience is actually what will "kill" Everquest, because it's just too much and now people expect it and will feel cheated without it. Also, go experience for AA's in TDS. I think I ding an AA every 3 or 5 kills in those zones.

    Just saying, I don't know how much easier they can make it. I think the biggest hurdle for most people is just finding a group and being productive in their goals for their play time.

    It would be nice to have a double experience weekend though. Instead of maxing out my new wizards AA in another week or so, I could get it done in a couple days, maybe 3.
  17. Mesc Old Soul

    Not really upset about no 2x exp this Fourth of July even though it breaks tradition. I imagine they stopped 2x exp for the 4th this year because of Tlp, If they gave normal servers the regular holiday 2x Exp they would have to give it to Tlp servers and that would make them progress to fast. So again we get screwed.

    So now instead of leveling my 3 alt accounts to level 100 and quite possibly spending Krono on them,
    i see myself pushing them off to the side, like i get to them when i get to them. Like a NonIssue Tracker
  18. Ratbo Peep Augur

    I'm afraid this is another example of the current TLP craze - wagging our dog.
    The fact the EQ2 is getting it just about proves it beyond doubt.
    No. it does not kill EQ - but it make an already bitter community that much more so.
    Keep the bags. In fact, I know where you can put the unsold ones. :D

  19. Andronicus Elder

    Numbers ticking down...

    No good.
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  20. Dixa Elder

    how many hours are you putting in to max aa in a week? it has taken 30 hours of play for me to get my three box from 85 to 88, that is 10 hours per level.