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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Accendo, Mar 21, 2023.

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    As featured in the 2023 Roadmap, EverQuest's new UI engine is on track to launch in the coming weeks. But before we do that, we need to test it so both players and custom UI designers can have time to get used to the changes. Here's what everyone should know:
    • The new UI engine is not what you’d think of in a "UI revamp" - it should look very similar to the existing UI. The new engine enables different features like docking, scaling, and more options for creating and modifying the UI windows.
    • UI scaling is accessible by opening your Options window to find a scaling slider. You can also use the "/ui scale" command.
    • Only a few windows have been converted to the new UI engine; most should remain unchanged. The Inventory, Story, Quantity, and Window Selector windows have been converted to the new UI engine.
    • If you use the default UI, things should just work similarly to how they used to.
    • For custom UI creators, maintainers, and users: after patching the latest Test update from March 21, 2023, your EQ directory should have a new folder called "Layout Converter" This contains a tool you can install that is used to convert custom UI files into the new UI engine. (It doesn’t work 100% yet – we will add more information as this is worked on.)
    • If you use a custom UI, you do not have to immediately convert your UI files to the new UI engine. We are still supporting the old engine, however, if you want to use any features of the new UI, you'll need to convert your custom windows over to the new engine.
    • We’re still working out some of the bugs with the new engine, and we appreciate your patience and assistance with testing. Please let us know about any bugs you find with the changes to the UI in the New UI Bugs thread.
    • Some known issues:
      • All new / converted UI windows will stay on top of the old windows. - Won't fix, this is a limitation of running both UI engines concurrently.
      • Color does not change from green to red when all charges on an item are expended.
      • When an evolving item reaches 100% exp, the label does not disappear as expected but displays as 0%.
      • Converted UI elements do not appear when taking in-game screenshots.
      • Mouse look in windowed mode does not prevent mousing over the title bar.
    That wraps things up for now. Know that this is certainly a work-in-progress, but this Test session will be immensely helpful as we continue to work on updating and improving the new UI engine. We will share more information about progress and when it launches in the near future.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.