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  1. Alemorikec New Member

    Okay, so going into the design of the characters and the lore behind them.
    I propose Barbarians can be a playable Paladin race at launch; and that Half Elves can be Shadow Knights, lets face it, wisdom is a dump stat for a reason.

    I know its not classic and I know it was scrapped at one point in the dev process, but hear me out.

    So in the lore it was Erollisi who was whisked away to the North to give birth to the Barbarian race. Followers of Erollisi and I quote,"Followers of Erollisi Marr cling to the belief that love conquers all. It should be pointed out that while love is a generally peaceful concept, Erollisi followers are not pacifists. They would like to live in a world in which everyone loves everyone else and violence does not exist but they are not naive enough to think that Norrath is that world. They have passionate loves of people, places and ideals and are more than willing to fight and die to preserve those things. The dream of every follower of Erollisi is to die in selfless defense of someone or something they love. Many Paladins hear the true calling of their hearts and follow Erollisi Marr."

    So given that little chunk of the lore, and given the fact that the FROGLOKS can be BOTH SHAMAN and PALADIN of MITHANIEL MARR.

    Why has the Barbarian been sequestered to a life of non-Paladin's of Erollisi. They have the passion that burns within to stoke the fires Justice, Love for your family and home are definitely worthy causes to take up the banner.

    Also, they do not need to be clerics, the precedent of a Paladin race that isn't able to be a cleric is already set forth with the Half Elf, with which I will get into in a much shorter section.

    So yeah, given the circumstances that have surrounded the Frogloks and Mithaniel, I do believe that although given their barbarism nature, Barbarians should in fact be able to be Paladin's of their Mother Deity.

    So onto the Half Elves being Shadow Knights.

    So in the face selection for the classic model Half Elves, there is a head for the females that is White Hair pixie cut with purple eyes, which is also a hair color and eye color combo shared with the female Dark Elves. Given their rebellious nature and often times shunned for the Elven or Human blood inversely, I can see if a of them did turn to Innorruuk and become Shadow Knights. After all Human's can be SK's.

    Okay y'all, flame away.

    1: Took out Hyperlink in Paladin.
    2:Barbarian Paladin's could possibly start in Freeport at the Temple of Marr.
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  2. Flatchy Court Jester

    I have played sk since day one and its still my favorite class, I see nothing wrong with your arguments.

    I personally would not care if they let all classes be open to any race.
  3. FranktheBank Augur

    I was actually just talking about the paladin barbarian argument this week. I agree that it should open up as an option. It def makes more sense than halfling =p
  4. Szilent Augur

    You make a great case. It's been answered by the developers that there aren't going to be any further race/class additions in EQ, but the lore completely holds up.
  5. Ghadius New Member

    Iksar berserker please.
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  6. Alemorikec New Member

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I just wish it would actually happen.

    Also, with the brutality that comes with the Iksar, I feel the zerker does indeed fit them.
  7. Szilent Augur

    iks ber would be cooler than it would be appropriate. Iksar're followers of Cazic. Rage isn't even in the domain of any Thule, it belongs to Sullon Zek
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  8. Maedhros High King

    Bravo. Take 5 points for Ravenclaw!

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