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    I'm about to start the Epic 1.0 on my second SK. I hate the appearance of the 1.5/2.0 on my first SK and the Epic Retelling version looks very nice.

    I thought I might ask questions here as I progress. I have studied the zam page and other places so telling me to go there won't help. :)

    First question(s): Zam says that there is a way to do the quest without getting the Darkforge Armor. Unfortunately, the link telling how to do that is very old and has expired.

    Can anyone tell me how to avoid the tedious Darkforge armor step?
    Also, does getting the Darkforge armor ruin your faction in Freeport?
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    Here's the guide posted on Zam by user jastripp that skips some steps, including the Darkforge armor. It's posted in a comment on the first page of the link you gave. Someone confirmed it still worked as of April 2019. I do not know for certain if anything has changed since then; I do know they changed the shaman epic which also functions using Truespirit Faction so you cannot skip steps anymore.

    Just completed this with two of my SKs - respawn times and rare spawns are what can slow you down - Hope this helps - if anyone still does this Epic

    SK Epic 1.0 Checklist
    (9/15/2015 In case anyone still does this =)
    Tip – try to get Paineel key (to inner city) before starting this – can save faction building time in Warrens
    Take INVIS pots with you because you cannot cast INVIS while trying to TRADE
    Try to use hotkey “Last Breath” (may have to hit key a few times) or other INVIS UNDEAD – again, cannot cast spell while trying to TRADE

    [ ] Heart of the Innocent
    ( ) Toxxulia Forest Hail Knarthenne Skurl in on the docks - he will give Soulcase
    May have to say “What heart of an innocent”
    ( ) Run to the Hole, to the Strong Box (bank area of city - behind mock wall in back inside building) are the chests (3)
    - Kill “mimic” (chests – Respawn 22 mins) until get cell key,
    ( ) Back to Toxx, go to Ratman Jail and find Caradon (yeah- no despawn) – in trade window put cell key, INVIS, trade.
    ( ) Kyrenna pops, kill Kyrenna, loot Blood of Kyrenna and Heart of Kyrenna
    ( ) Place Heart of Kyrenna in Soulcase and receive Heart of the Innocent.
    [ ] Will of Innoruuk
    ( ) In Toxx find Marl Kastane (36hr respawn), across water in Kerrin side on map - stay INVIS – kitties KOS
    ( ) Give Blood of Kyrenna (propably have to kill two kitties near Marl and 3rd wanderer) – in trade window put blood, INVIS, trade,
    auto-receive (goes directly into inventory) Dark Shroud
    ( ) In the Hole, find Ghost of Glohnor (may have to kill a few placeholders – Heretic Skeletons before he spawns), in Revenant
    Tower/Undead area – scout graveyard w/INVIS UNDEAD
    ( ) Clear area to trade, give Glohnor Dark Shroud, INVIS UNDEAD; morph wand; or FDeath HotKey, trade – he disappears
    ( ) Mummy of Glohnor will pop (sometimes right where Ghost of Glohnor was) below in the crypts – Kill him and loot Head of
    Glohnor and Glohnor Wrappings.
    ( ) ) In Toxx find Marl Kastane (#%@ 36hr respawn), trade Glohnor Wrappings, INVIS, trade – auto-receive Will of Innoruuk
    [ ] Head of the Valiant
    This is where you need the key to Paineel Inner city – if not – kill puppies in Warrens and guards in Erudin until you say “I need a key” to one of the guard skellies in newbie area of Paineel and he gives you a key – click the flat rock on ground near the city entrance and let the elevator rock come up before you step in and go down to city level.
    ( ) In Paineel find Gerot Kastane, in beginning of city near elevator (room w/pool and 8 columns)
    ( ) Give the Head of Glohnor, INVIS, trade – receive Head of the Valiant

    [ ] The Corrupted Ghoulbane
    ( ) In Upper Guk - Kill the Froglok Shin Lord in Ruins and loot The Ghoulbane OR do Ghoulbane quest (Longer) OR
    ( ) In Felwith south, INVIS all the way to Joren Nobleheart (no faction loss), just past room where Mage GM
    – kill him (10-20 min respawn) loot Ghoulbane (did this with both my SKs and it was fastest/easiest)
    ( ) In Mountains of Rathe go by tower near 3 troll merchants (Chizzuk, Guzzla & Ukla) (loc 1761, 2116)
    - Kill anything until Rharzar pops (may be on a 3 day respawn - he either spawns quickly after a couple drake kills or took 3 or 4 days before he respawned after killing all the drakes and lizzys for 2nd SK)
    ( ) Kill Rharzar and loot the Drake Spine
    ( ) Pof Hate, kill Ashebone drakes (dragon skellies walking around) (possibly Hatebone Drakes) for a Decrepit Hide (rare)
    ( ) Pof Fear, (bring a tracker) SK should hail a harbringer of Fear to spawn/kill Fright, Dread, and/or Terror for
    Soul Leech (rare)
    ( ) In Pof Sky (gate from GH, purchase Cloudy Stone of Veeshan), kill boss mobs (fairy princess Respaw 4/6 hours)
    for Blade of Abrogation Need to kill other namer bosses to get keys to next levels – if you fall you will fall into harbor of Freeport – sometimes my Merc or pet died
    (my Blade of Abrogation(s) fell off a blade storm and a winged horse NPC – different nights – countless kills)
    ( ) Buy from Bazaar or have an Enchanter friend make you an Enchanted Platinum Bar

    To get to the right spot near Teydar in Queynos Catacombs:
    (PoK to N Qeynos – do FIND for Gerault (Armor Merchant), go into SQeynos from nearest zone-in from Gerault;
    do FIND for GM Graham and zone-in to nearest Queynos Catacombs near Graham; in Queynos Catacombs
    do FIND Senst (cleric spells) – Teydar is next to her

    ( ) In the Queynos Catacombs - hail Teydar (did not despawn for me) (if KOS - stand behind and use INVIS),
    trade Enchanted Platinum Bar, a Decrepit Hide, & the Drake Spine, INVIS, trade – receive Decrepit Sheath
    ( ) In Paineel, find Duriek Bloodpool (respawn 48 hrs), in front of windows overlooking next to Azzar Habib
    or walking under building in newbie area
    ( )Give to Duriek: the Ghoulbane, the Soul Leech, the Blade of Abrogation and the Decrepit Sheath, INVIS, trade
    – auto receive Corrupted Ghoulbane.

    [ ] Innoruuk’s Curse
    ( ) In the City of Mist, INVIS and Find Lhranc (ghost form) (61-66 hr respawn) (small center building behind the arena looking
    building): Trade Corrupted Ghoulbane, Heart of an Innocent, Head of the Valiant, and Will of Innoruuk, INVIS UNDEAD;
    morph wand; hide or FDeath HotKey, TRADE – receive Lhranc’s Coin
    ( ) This will Spawn Human Lhranc (he runs when low on HPs), Kill him and Marl Kastane will pop outside the building Lhranc
    spawns in
    ( ) Give Lhranc’s Coin, INVIS, trade – receive Innoruuk’s Curse

    It will also announce you completed Epic 1.0

    Best map of the Hole – when zoning in – stay to the left and follow the wall down – the “mimic” are marked – they are the chests to get key; and Glohnor is usually on the right side of where Commander Yarik is labeled (PITA - sorry wont let me post map)
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    I did it just a few weeks ago.

    I was able to skip the Darkforge step. Basically, at all turn ins you need to be indifferent with the turn in Mob. Either this can be done the 'correct' way by upping your faction via the Darkforge turn in, or alternatively, when doing turn ins with a mob that doesn't like you, simply open trade window, then get an invis (or invis vs undead depending on mob). /Con to be sure you are indifferent, then hit trade.

    Good walkthrough using this method here:

    Everything went smoothly except - Glohnor's Mummy in the Hole didn't spawn properly. He spawned in a random part of the zone. Needed a tracker to find him. Also, mobs that were spawned because of turn ins that I did all had an asterisk in front of their name, so to use the /target command to find them had to take that into consideration, ex: '/target *Glohnor'.

    Spawn times on the epic mobs are terrible too, there were multiple server downs, and several of the mobs didn't spawn until 72 hours+ after server up. There were some though that were reported as 72 hour spawns, and showed up within a couple of days.
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    I followed the quest guide from and everything went smoothly. Thanks for the help. Now I need to see if there similar shortcuts for 1.5 and 2.0. :)
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    Getting the darkforge armor pieces can be a real bottleneck. I remember spending 2 weeks or so farming these by leveling an ogre berserker in Feerrott. The ogre gained 20 levels killing those lizards before all the pieces dropped (for an SK). I never used the invis to trade trick for this quest.

    I also never got a Paineel key either because the SK had plenty of gate clickies, Throne, and Origin, to get out. She just used the portal in The Hole to enter. This was convenient since those parts of the quest are all between those two zones (and Toxulia Forest). Get something done in The Hole and return to Paineel for the dialog and turn-ins.

    All the rest was pretty straight forward. No trouble with mob spawns anywhere. Sounds like someone trained Glohnor away and he failed to wander back.
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    Confirmed worked for me 4/2/20
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    Any pre luclin information is most clearly articulated on the P1999 wiki pages, as the old Alla pages, etc. are just cumbersome (visually, if not textually). The p99 stuff is nearly just a copy+paste, but with a better layout (imho).

    Epic 1 is badass - my 60sk on p99 has that + greenmist, and the stacking combo is nasty nasty nastyyy.
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    i did the invis method and worked just fine. Only took me a couple of days to complete, most of the time was waiting on spawns.
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    Anyone know what we are working with here as far as Gerot Kastane goes? How long of a spawn etc. Thank you

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