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Discussion in 'Casters' started by Dreadrought, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Dreadrought New Member

    I Understand other's have wrote this but i am not them i am me so ....I am writing this post today because i feel the Em 29 Is not fair im sorry. i dont like to write thing's like this but the pet should be 115 and the other pets should be 120 for the skeleton pets or whatever people else use .... Please On Behalf of a 1999 EQ Gamer And Big Fan And Spender Fix This Update <3 I Play EQ to relax and i looked Foward to This item Unlike Some.... Have an Amazing Day Love DreadRought! P.S. Stay safe out there
  2. Grouch New Member


    I would like to second the request for EM 29 to increase pet level to 115.

    Whereas EM 29 is the raid focus of T2 raids it would be appropriate.

    Not to disparage any other class but as a mage there really is only 1 item that changes game play the focus item. Group T1, 2, 3 armor (sure 1 of them doesn't really matter which for each expansion)
    Raid T1, 3, 3 (sure one of them if you are a raider) got to keep up with jones and well enough HP to take AOE... After all AC, avoidance, are just lipstick on a pig if you are not the right class. Behind the scenes the AC is all neutered down to establish (a class system). Sure this can be argued but no matter how much steel lipstick i put on my little bard pig he is still isnt much more than a singing caster in regards to tanking.

    But honestly I find myself buying each expansion for A) the focus item B) the AA and then surely ever so slowly I play less and less and less. Sometimes my subscription runs out sometimes not. But most assuredly it runs out right as before or right after I get my new focus so I re-up for a year and the surely ever so slowly .... i play less and less.

    Funny story in some insane way related to this and again not to disparage any other class. Back in the Sathirs Tomb hay day i watched a very well geared SK with merc healer and glyph pull the entirety of the big room. What is that 15 ? 20 mobs? Then with riposts, every displine and skill in the book and i do admire his masterful playing skills (and the glyph dont forget the gylph) he slaughtered the entire group by himself (thanks for the AA by the way awesome).

    Here is the problem, and obviously this is selfish and introverted, but I was so humbled ... what was the point my mage would never do that. Well i could go back 20 levels and find a light blue zone and get close but never ever ... one more time ever.. would i do that as a mage or anything so amazing.

    Granted there are a lot of classes that wont either and this is not an OP rant. But i didnt play for 6 months. I had my focus, i had my AA. That was it for me...

    My pet is my netflix buddy and well you are correct that isn't EQ's fault or any other class. But /pet attack and watch netflix. After all, always something on new on netflix. Can anyone say that every day about EQ? Ding AA. Ding AA. Dear diary soon i will master Pottery AA and life will be complete. Ding AA Ding AA i wonder what the firework gylph really does? Hmmm Ding AA Ding AA.

    Just so no one says I am trolling EQ i am not. I have played for 22 years maybe a bit longer 1998 or so on one account or another, always a mage by the way. All the other games, and to be more specific than just saying all, i mean "ALL", come and go but i always come back to EQ and my pet.

    Please keep my netflix buddy pertinent longer in an expansion and I will keep giving you cash for another 23 years.. Sounds like bribery? Hmmmm..

    Let me clarify my ramble a bit. No issue with mage solo, no issue with mage group game, the class really is well off in that regards... but the difference between BEST in class item in every slot and aug and middle of the road group gear (other than focus) is statistical irrelevance...

    yes making the em 29 give us an even con pet after 10 levels at 115 wont change anything i said.. Wont really make any difference at all. You could even do it just like every other improvement in game. Give me the level, and then neuter the stats on the pet so all i see is a level 115 statistically irrelevant to 114 pet ... but i will be happy :)

    Grammer, spelling, and just about everything else is wrong. Apologies and thanks for everyone's time.

    ***almost forgot. I dont post much. Obviously after reading this post its abundantly clear why. But i want to call out the in game support team for excellence. Like i said 22+ years in EQ and prior to whoever currently owns the game now taking over the support was terrible. Currently EQ in game GM support hands down is best in class. Seriously thank you so very much for making support a dream come true. Out of two dozen games i have played EQ in game support is the only support staff that makes me feel like a customer thank you GM(s) thankyou.

  3. Tucoh Augur

    Has anyone recently parsed the DPS or survivability difference in pets with different Enhanced Minion levels?
  4. Cadira Augur

    Pretty sure a pets level is completely ambiguous. A blue con raid focused pet is going to blow the socks off of a blue con group focused pet of the same kind. Do you just want it to be even con for ocd purposes or is there some legitimate mechanic I'm missing here?
  5. Grouch New Member


    I had the 27 and held off on the 28 because I knew it was just a bigger# with no real value.

    I went ahead and got the 28 the week before the 29 was release just to run some tests.

    To be fair I did not parse, I just sat and killed a few hundred mobs while waiting a couple hundred hours of netflix with a bard and chanter. /pet attack , play bard songs (no damage), slow and 3 dots. Rinse and repeat maybe 500 times over 100 hours of netflix.

    So then comes the 28. I knew this was going to be a disappointment, but a mage is biased, so what did i do? HA!!! What i always do I just sat and killed a few hundred mobs while waiting a couple hundred hours of netflix with a bard and chanter. /pet attack , play bard songs (no damage), slow and 3 dots. Rinse and repeat maybe 500 times over 100 hours of netflix.

    So my statistical analysis of the 27 vs the 28 is as follows: the stuff I rewatched on netflix was almost as boring as the stuff i killed over and over again ad nauseam.

    ***Now a clever person with a degree in pedantic studies may note some discrepancies in times as 100 hours and 100 hours is a lot of hours etc. etc. ad nauseam and i stated getting a 28 a week before the 29 came out.

    So now onto the 29. I did notice a bigger hit a few hundred more per hit (fear me now 12.7 billion HP COV trash MOB)

    And to be fair, I again didnt parse all i did was: HA!!! What i always do I just sat and killed a few hundred mobs while waiting a couple hundred hours of netflix with a bard and chanter. /pet attack , play bard songs (no damage), slow and 3 dots. Rinse and repeat maybe 500 times over 100 hours of netflix.

    Netflix had a few new programs but rewatched some old stuff and it was even more boring(er) that before.

    Yes the pet hit went up a few hundred damage from 27, to 28, to 29. The tanking as the pet always tanks was slightly better at 29 but really only evident fighting lower level stuff not current content.

    That brings up a side conversation.. I normally drop around 1200 extra AC on a water pet in the form of conflagrant gear. I honestly can't see any difference in performance but I want to believe their is just so i have a reason to smith (secret there is no reason). Part of me wants to believe that pets actually have armor caps like their class equivalents ergo a water pet is probably going to get jack from any extra AC as it exceeds itssoft CAP. I have held off parsing the water and earth with conflagrant vs not with conflagrant. But as with so many things now days, the truth really sucks and right now I have a happy lie that my smithing skill isnt 110% useless and the effort i put into gearing my pet isn't 110% useless. (but it is, I would be clinically crazy to think otherwise but Shhhh our little secret). This has the extra bonus of having something to do in the game kill go to OT and kill golems so i can gear my pet with conflagrant and my own little mini game called keep my pet alive as long as possible because i really hate smithing, and collecting ore, and killing golems.

  6. Vizier Augur

    I know I am wasting my breath but the EM focus primarily affects mage swarm pets and does jack all for main pets of any class. Believe what you will.

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