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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Xenze, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. Xenze Elder

    Okay so used the Free Heroic on a Shaman. Kinda played a Shaman a little before but not really.

    I’m not familiar with healing in EQ. At all. And I want thus shaman to be my healer in my box group.

    Account 1: Paladin, Ranger, Mage
    Account 2: Beastlord, Rogue
    Account 3: Bard, Shaman.

    Group comps aren’t set in stone and I have no issues, and probably will, swap toons around just for chits and giggles. But I’m thinking Pal / Rog / Shaman and then Mage / Bst / Bard.

    Regardless...I want my Shaman to be the healer of the group. But I’m not familiar with it (and I’m a filthy alt tabber). As a support/DPS toon, I’ve got that figured out. Back up heals in emergencies but not as a main healer. I’ve gone through and read up on the AAs and most of the spells, just haven’t really had a chance to use the healing side all that intensively.

    So I was wondering if anyone who’s had practice with their box Shaman being a healer could explain to me how their Shaman is operated? Or direct me to a link/other forum? Preferably one that has an explanation as if they’re explaining it to a toddler lol

    I am familiar with running off macros. Even when solely focusing on the Shaman I’ve already got a macro set up to Assist, Debuff, Slow, DoT, DoT. And I’m sure it’ll be sort of the same. Assist on the incoming, debuff, slow....then direct heal followed by a HoT to keep the tank rolling while you get your Roar line spell off with a couple DoTs on the mob, followed by another direct heal or two and another HoT?

    I will focus on the Shaman for a bit to get a feel for him and understand him better, but some insight to the healing side of things would be greatly appreciated. Or else I’m going to be one those guys who just spam heals and keep the tank at 85%-100% health the entire fight lol.

    I just don’t want to jump into a group, be asked to heal...and watch everyone die...multiple times lol.

    And I do understand that everyone/thing takes damage differently. A tank class will beat out a pet, a pet will beat out a merc, and a merc will...well take a rangers place in the form of sacrifices.

    I’d just like to be able to keep up a moderate amount of healing while still being able to contribute DPS wise.
  2. Windance Augur

    Shaman have two push back root AA's that are very powerful. I often pull on the shaman then alt tab to SK to break root and do tanking.

    Shaman HoTs are very good and you'll want to have then on your group at all times. I would start with that before you go pull. Then use Spiritual Squall which is an AE heal wave, followed by Dissident Roar.

    That should get you through the first couple seconds.

    As a main healer you want to also have some fast 'reckless' heals multi-boud to a key you can mash.

    There are some great threads on how to do that in his section of the forums. Look for raiding cleric write ups.

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