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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Jyve, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Jyve Augur

    This is the thread to throw suggests for this week's Bard AA chat.
  2. Jyve Augur

    Hastened Reflexive Retort from in-game channels.
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  3. Caio_Xegony Lorekeeper

    Split Shouri's Sonorous Clouding aa into two buffs at rank 2 :
    Aligmente's Aria of Eagles
    Shouri's Sonorous Clouding...every bard in game wants this or to remove levii from the equation entirely
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  4. Jaerlyn Augur

    New rank of Dissonant Chord (it's currently capped at 105) - And please make it irresistible.
    Hastened Dissonant Chord / Extended Dissonant Chord.
    AA version of Requiem of Time. (Seriously.. we're keeping a level 64 song in our lineup, let us get rid of it, please.)

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  5. Jyve Augur

    Triple attack/Troubadour Masteries as mentioned in channel and a couple of threads below this. (double attack/flurries capped, so there's a /bit/ of wiggle room for triple attack, but troubadour seems more controllable and likely).
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  6. Lanadili Elder

    I would love to see a new AA where Bards can regain mana quickly. It seems like every other class has some type of ability to regain their mana back quickly...except bards. Our songs do nothing for us, our AA's do nothing for us, mod rods do nothing for us, etc. Just something simple and quick, can be a long reuse time as well, like once every 12-24 hours.

    I cringe every time I die on a raid, knowing that even if I run back or get a call, that 4%-6% mana isn't going to last very long between songs that use mana, and having to fade off agro to stay alive. Thankfully I don't die very often, but when I's tough to stay alive after that with so little mana (let's not forget 0 on a rez) to do anything with.
  7. Reviled Elder

    I don't really have anything new, just wanted to throw support behind some of the above.

    - I'd like to see more Sustained dps from Triple Attack and weapon mastery upgrades.
    - Significant boosts to Selo's Kick and Reflexive retort damage, and Hastened Retort.
    -RoT AA
    - Hastened Silent Displacement
    - Defensives
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  8. Jaerlyn Augur

    BardCode(tm) does wonky things for mana. It's why Staunch doesn't even give us back our mana. All we can do is try to keep them remembering that, when it comes to new songs, to make sure the mana costs are low, because it sometimes looks like they forget that fact. (Nukes being different, I can accept that the Insult Nukes will always be mana hungry.)

    That being said, none of our core songs have a mana cost that prevents us from sustaining them, thankfully. Aria is only 140 mana, which is low enough that our mana regen suffices. If they start giving us more mana regen, it'll show in song costs, and I don't think anyone would want that.

    Now, would I object to more mana regen? No. :)
  9. Hingabe Augur

    RoT aa
    Snare aa
    Perfected song of travel
    +crit chance
    +flurry chance
    +triple atk chance
    MR debuff aa
    Ability to have one echo and one aura up together
    AA to eat one DT
    Defensive proc aa
    + Swarm pet duration/dmg
    Hastened forward shadowstep
    +melee dmg mod, med-long reuse timer
    -fade manacost
  10. Lanadili Elder

    Now there's an idea - give us an AA that doubles or triples our current mana regen for a short time ;) If we can't do it quickly since it messes with the BardCode, then something simple like giving us additional mana regen on top of our original mana regen would work just as well.

    Plus, I always find myself singing songs that tend to be mana heavy like Lively Crescendo, AE mez, charm or whatever the raid (or group for that matter) calls for. I am grateful that the majority of our songs don't cost much mana, I'm just thinking of the ones that do, plus of course our fade for survivability.
  11. Hingabe Augur

    Single target group member coth <30ft rng, to pull tank merc back to group when they bum-rush the pull like a moron
  12. Reviled Elder

    Toggle the merc on passive for a moment.
  13. Barc Lorekeeper

    • Gosik's Embrace - Buff that doubles/triples our DoT/DD damage at the cost our melee damage (to stay relevant in ranged/caster groups and solo)
    • Twin Aura - For both Mana and Haste aura
    • Brusco's Brown Note / Brusco's Banjo Bonk - Passive: Chance to proc a high melee attack (read: Thunderfoot-like proc)
    Aside from the ones mentioned already with emphasis on hastened silent displacement
  14. Tutmir Journeyman

    This stuff at a minimum.

    My "sky's the limit" wishlist:
    Jonathan's short duration personal adps buff
    AA Insult line
    Personal perfected Selo's
    AA to make Reflexive retort return endurance as well
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  15. flash000 Augur

    My wish list:

    (Heroic Sonata)
    AA that raises buff cap for a short duration allowing our songs to give full effects to group could be both combo defensive and offensive with how stat boost affects the group. Short duration.

    (Blade Dancers Battle Ballet)
    AA similar to deft dance but with 100% riposte reflecting attacks back to attacking targets.

    (Selos Slash) aka suicide slash
    Similar to leap aa but with a linked big damage attack the idea is to attack a target while moving a bard (super speed) adding damage AE straight line attack bard gets tossed past mobs as effect goes off
    timing and distance with mobs could drop you into a bad spot . High damage attack on 1 mob if muti mobs the damage is split between them by high i mean like 1 shot kill damage. The down side is the bard can get damage while charging past the mobs.

    (Performers Pantomime)
    Not sure something like this is doable but the idea is that the AA would trigger a copy ability effect of the last offensive or defensive AA of a group member at %50 of the value.

    (Performers held note)
    Bard plays one song held note gives the one song increased duration and focus.
    The idea on this is to have this be effective for two song lines the mitigation songs and the high damage proc songs.
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  16. Nniki Augur

    Sound of Perfection (Activated)
    - Would like something that benefits our insult line (I know. EQ doesn't have spell/song "lines".)
    - Effect to significantly boost its damage (since instruments are useless) for x duration
    - Note: This might be better as a discipline

    Baldric's Symphonic Medley (Activated)
    - Something along the lines of Miniature Horn of Unity (hp, mana, end regen + some other stuff... ac, ds, atk maybe)
    - Group effect for x duration

    Rousing A Cappella (Activated)
    - Some sort of combination between Quick Time, Fierce Eye, and Epic click, but with lesser effects
    - Shorter reuse, something that can be used in between the other timers
    - Group effect for x duration

    Kelkim's Lute Bash (Activated)
    - Single target stun + dd (decent stun duration & damage)
    - Longer reuse

    Serra's Rejoice (Activated)
    - Gives group a self heal proc for x duration (melee and spells)
  17. Jyve Augur

    Random question. Slightly longer duration on 'A Song Stuck In Your Head' and/or faster recast, OR keep that as is and try and get another rank to get it bumped upto +2 ticks?

    And crit heal aa's for a slight chance for regen songs/augs to get the same return as other hybrids see?
  18. Nniki Augur

    I'd say improved duration/recast would be more beneficial in general situations. +2 ticks would be really useful on raid fights though. I'd take either.

    That'd be nice for sure. :)
  19. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    Would really like the +2 ticks. Currently A Tune.. doesn't get us as far as it should, considering some of our most important songs aren't effected by Extended Ingenuity. A Tune.. should allow us to reliably play 8 songs (of normal duration), instead we are only able to play 6 songs (if one song is Aria or Harmony of Tone). If two songs are short (playing both Aria and HoT), we can play 6 songs but not reliably (one song will drop).

    Also would be nice if A Tune... did not extend the duration of Crescendo. If it were to extend songs by 2 ticks, Crescendo would be sustainable by one bard and never fire (42s recast, 42-48s duration).

    I can't make it to the bard IRC so if someone wants to share any of these ideas that you like I would be very appreciative.

    In general, bards could really use improvements in personal DPS. I really think Troubadour's ___ Mastery is the best way to go about it, or some other activated stuff that is somewhat short reuse.

    Improvements to existing AA:
    • Bellitone Mind (innate mez resist) - currently 40% resist chance
    • Hastened Shield of Notes - currently 36 min reuse
    • Shield of Notes - consider adding DoT absorb as well (currently melee & DD absorb only).
    • Funeral Dirge - consider increasing the DD dmg that occurs upon fading (Shrieking Death). Currently 12100.
    • Extended Cacophony - currently lasts 60 seconds
    • Cacophony - consider increasing the % chance to interrupt spell casting.
    • Fury of Magic - currently rank 15 (35% DD crit chance with DoN)
    • Destructive Fury - currently rank 12 (85% DD crit bonus)
    • Shielding Resistance - consider a new AA that reduce reflected/DS damage from primary weapons as well.
    • Hastened Boastful Bellow - currently 12s recast.
    • Quickened Dirge of the Sleepwalker - was recently changed to a 0.5s cast (previously instant). Would like it to be instant again unless this is no longer possible.
    • Resounding Quick Time - extend range of this ability (currently 100').
    • Hastened Quick Time - currently 10:30 reuse. One more rank would be awesome (30s reduction).
    • Hastened Song of Stone - currently 12 min recast
    • Song of Stone - could use some damage improvements. Currently does about 40k dmg for its total duration. Useful especially in situations where we can't shadowstep (Lyrical Prankster).
    • Lyrical Prankster - could use some damage improvements. Currently does about 120k dmg for its total duration (1k DPS sustained). Could change the pet model as well. Surprise us :p
    • Vainglorious Shout - increase stun level (currently stuns to level 100)
    • Bladed Song - consider significantly increasing the damage of this ability. Currently 317 dmg per NPC hit. Looking at a raid parse, I'm seeing ~64 hits (102 attempts) in a 60s period (for the raid boss). Very rough calculation gives us only 20k total damage for this ability.
    Ideas for new AA:
    • Reprove type AA - Self only high mitigation or Vie buff for several hits, with a short-ish recast time (30s - 2 min) useful for pulling.
    • Extended Bladewhirl (Dance of Blades proc) - currently lasts 36 seconds
    • 1HS % damage ability (i.e. Reflexive Retort, with much higher damage and no mana bonus) with a short-ish recast time. Purely for bard DPS.
      • 1HS % damage ability with a recourse of Jonthan's Mightful Caretaker (or similar - bonus to min hit damage). Would really like this to be sustainable by an actively played bard.
    • Group buff that decreases spell resist rate (i.e. Focus of Arcanum).
    • Group buff that adds % chance to twinproc.
    • Group buff that provides additional aggro for a certain # of hits (or spells).
    • Group buff that reduces aggro for a certain # of hits (or spells).
    • Decoy - a rooted Doppleganger pet with a large amount of HP that grabs aggro on what we cast it on (but doesn't do damage).
    • Quickened Crescendo - hasten cast time of Crescendo songs
    • Bounce - free target leap to the point AA.
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  20. Waldagar Augur

    Lyrical Prankster - could use some damage improvements. Currently does about 120k dmg for its total duration (1k DPS sustained). Could change the pet model as well. Surprise us

    This and a low cost AA to reduce the shadow step on Lyrical Prankster down to 1 (0) movement range. It would be nice to be able to use Lyrical Prankster without popping out of melee range (or falling off a cliff or into the lava or into another pack of mobs nearby).

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