Need monk burning help.

Discussion in 'Melee' started by SFC(R)Escovedo, Jul 28, 2020.

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    Greetings and Salutations All!

    So I have been going off of the Monk Strats 2.0 post in this forum section. Burns hit hard af! The problem I have is each burn rotation makes it impossible to follow up with another burn in a decent amount of time. I have been doing a burn rotation, earthforce+BP, Eye+Vehement, earth force. I try to go to the next burn and half of the skills are still on CD, so I try Fists of steel+heron stance. Even after that some of the CD’s still have not popped. So I use what is available in the following burn. The problem is my DPS is all over the place. I have landed DPS between 160k-917k. That is too much variation, not sure what I am doing wrong. I know 100% for sure my pre-burn is on point and doesn’t need to be touched. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
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  3. Maui New Member

    its hopeless. when you max focus AA the burn frequency improves a good bit. but in general the good burns with heel, speed aren't up very much. best way to improve average dps is focus on group makeup. i.e. shaman bard groups with other adps helps a lot.
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    Need some context here. 917k DPS on what? How long was the fight? What's your group makeup? What are other group members posting for DPS? What did you click to get you to 917k? Are you using Autoskill properly? What gear are you running? What did you spec your slot 5's to? Do you have all your progression Hero AAs? Do you have all your progression clickies? Do you have your ToV aug maxed? Is Dicho maxed?

    So many questions.

    In general, DPS is HEAVILY reliant on aDPS from your group members. It's also heavily reliant on timing. Bard and Shaman should be synchronizing their epic clicks. Learn what stacks the best and what doesn't. Read up on the various burn abilities, discs, and AA on Lucy.

    Some tips:
    Heel + Dicho + Autoskill Flying Kick + BP + DMS + IoT + FDF : If you time this with Sham/Bard epics, QuickTime, Spires and Ranger Auspice, you'll put up some huge numbers. Stack a Destruction Glyph on top to make the Zerkers jealous. But you're sacrificing some DPS on later burns here.

    I generally rotate several burns. These are 100% incidental and depend on which raid we're doing.

    Spam Bar: Barrage of Fists / Curse of Fourteen Fists / Doomwalker's Precision / Zan Fi / Icewalker's Synergy / Two Finger Wasp Touch / Zlexikar's Fang / Vigorous Shuriken / Intimidation / Eagle Strike (Autoskill)

    Coordinate Firewalker's Covenant with other Monks. Otherwise use in conjunction with Spire.

    1. Silent Strikes + Heel + Dicho + BP + DMS + FPP + Heron Stance + Eagle's Poise (Best Stacked with Bard/Sham Epic, Quicktime, Auspice)
    2. SF + FDF + Spire + DMS + IoT (Stack with Bard/Sham epics and Fierce Eye)
    3. Terrorpalm + Ton Po's + DMS + Swift Tail's Chant
    4. EF (unless holding for defensives)
    5. EotS + Dicho/IoT + DMS
    6. Ton Po + Ironfist + Dicho/IoT + FPP + Heron Stance + DMS

    These are by no means the "best" and I am certain other Monks can share what works for them.
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    I spam flying kick instead of eagle strike. You'll notice you hit A LOT HARDER because of thunderkick. I don't even switch over to Eagle Strike when I use Eagle's Poise because you lose that much dps. Also you should try to coordinate Two Finger Wasp with other monks as well, it helps a lot with dps for the both of you getting 2m out of 3, instead of 1m out of 3. Use Ton-po/focused destructive force with speedforce/heel because they only add dmg when you do more hits, if you hit slower then they add dmg, but fewer times.
  6. Lisard Augur

    you can use 1 kick and 1 strike ability together now. Flying Kick + Tiger Claw is the best. Eagle Strike is not far behind tiger claw in terms of DPS and you get the added Endurance regen boost from it, good for grouping or to swap to on harsh endurance events.
  7. Jaedo Journeyman

    But barrage of fists!
  8. Riou EQResource

    What about it
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    I grew tired of all the work for less return. Monks can still do very well and they are a fun class but... Rogues and zerkers for all intents are on 10 minute burn cycles that match up with stuff like quick time and funeral dirge. Monks get one burn in and then are out of cycle with everyone else including themselves like the entire rest of the time with the timers and duration of everything being all over.

    If Heel was 10 minute reuse and Infusion was boosted more but changed to 10 minute reused I think the class would be a lot better off.
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    I find most of this very cute and charming.

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