necro spell rotation for group game

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Sinzz, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Sinzz Augur

    was wondering what necro spell line ups folks use for fast pulling groups at 100 ? thanks .
  2. Sinzz Augur

    cmon where all you necros hidin!
  3. Vorlux New Member

    Depends on the kill speed and your AA's. If you have all your DoT AA's done as well as pet and DD crits:

    30 seconds or less = Throng + Host + 3 X swift + Throng + Host then if time permits toss in a scintillating bones and venin for the last few %

    Over 30 Seconds = Same as above but drop nukes and add in pyre of marnek and pyre of hazarak, then refresh swift dots. So that would look something like this: Throng + Host + 3 X Swift + Throng + Host + Pyre + Pyre + Swifts

    In either case doing the above should give you anywhere from 22 to 27k dps. During a burn (3rd + CoA robe) ditch the swarm pets and use highest to lowest dps dots instead, starting with swift and refreshing them asap.
  4. Loratex Augur

    There are many posts in necro talk with the Info you are asking for.
    The poster above is missing impel blood nuke which > then throng and anything over 30 sec you should not cast swift dots back to back seperate with a regular dot. There is no reason to use venin or bones line. 2ndly ignite thoughts would be your 2nd highest normal dot. I normally use marnek, disease swift, ignite thoughts, fire swift, hazrak, life swift, impel then throng. For burn if you have a rof robe you should be using c. shadow cause it makes it equal to marnek. Funeral pyre aa and ec also increase damage on burn.
  5. Mellifleur Augur

    Just..... No.

    Lora is closer...

    You can cast Swifts back to back... but as you can see, three necros, three different replies...
  6. Loratex Augur

    my outlook on anything over 30 seconds with the swifts back to back is you are gonna spike high on damage then parse low till you can recast them, where if you use them swift then reg then swift then reg you kinda keep a middle parse
  7. Siddar Augur

    The answer is completely dependent upon the length of the fight. 15, 30, 45, and 60 second fights will all have a best spell rotation that is unique to that time frame.

    I expect if you looked at five different necros you would find five slightly different ways of group DPS that are fairly close but different in certain ways.
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  8. Kaottik New Member

    I know it's not a good response, but why to group ?
    As a necromancer you can solo/farm all mercenarys/patisans tasks, you can solo 95% T1/T2 nameds.
    Necro + pet + swarms + merc healer (only for specifics nameds) can xp faster than a bashing group, can farm stuff/cash very fast and the most important don't need to be hidden behind a group to try some challenges.
    You can dps, control, slow, pet tank, root dot ... you're a group ! So be brave and you will be surprised with your class abilities.
    RoF is a too easy expansion, except for heros missions try the difficulty and solo to the maximum.
  9. Loratex Augur

    why should one limit themselves to soloing just because we can?
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  10. Sinzz Augur

    well if i am in a fast pulling group of friends i was just wondering,
    i mean whats the point of dots if they destroying the stuff in 20 seconds, but thanks for the answers
  11. Loratex Augur

    for that type of scenario you're better off letting your pet do work and throwing in Impel and lifetaps lol can try one of the swift dots
  12. Reval Augur

    Find a way to time the ticks so you know when your dot will actually fire after it lands on the mob. That way you can guage when it would overaggro easier, and you know when would be too late to matter.

    Since the original poster is an sk, the same sort of ideology would work for you when grouping with a necro. You could try to taunt right after the server tick, or spike aggro right before the tick occurs.
  13. Xirtket Augur

    Who cares about the aggro portion, if you get it, simply fd if you don't want it.
  14. Reval Augur

    Unless you fall into some 1% of necros that actually stand right next to the mob they're dotting, when you get aggro, you lower the dps of every non ranged melee dps in the group. So if you're trying to up dps a good idea is not to do that.
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  15. greydeeds Augur

    i use 3 swifts swarm pets and non dmg snare also mana tap like ever other mob.
    Keep RB up always !
    i keep my eye on everyones aggro , i dont want get people killed when i fd .
    with that said usually no one wants a necro unless they pop a named.
    im a soloist cause thats what Verant made us, the best solo class .
  16. Loratex Augur

  17. Mellifleur Augur

    While I agree with your solo mentality, your hurting your dps tragically...

    Dont use Mana tap, it's pointless.

    If your going to use swarm pets, just use the latest... I am personally against using any swarms at all from our spell line up as we get better return from our DoT's, but to each their own...

    Necros are highly regarded in the group game for our sheer DPS... It's our choice wether we wish to take that road or not. I mix and match personally... Better return on XP being solo but grouping has it's own rewards as well, especially on questing.
  18. greydeeds Augur

    sorry that was my group line up , not my solo line up.
    i mana tap when im in a group and also throw swarms in group cause they bash alot which helps keep tanks alive .
    i dont use mana tap in solo situations nor swarms unless im pet tanking .
  19. Piestro Augur

    Depends if you are chain pulling as well, and a few other factors. I generally use the swifts and a couple fire dots. If the tank is slack or my crits are on fire I'll sometimes snare mobs so aggro issues cause less of a dps drop (depending on group makeup).

    And while Necros can solo very well, mathematically speaking a good group usually does better. Not the "oh wait I've got to cook and am watching the kids" while grouping type group, but a good group.
  20. Gunnarr Journeyman

    so does this constitute a good group while watching the kids and cooking?
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