My UI has been rejigged for Lilliputians!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Cazmac, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Cazmac Augur

    Eleven months ago (I just looked it up but it feels longer), you came to my rescue because my second account (removed account name) was not allowing me to log my trader, Niniemoe, and start using another alt. You cured that problem but gave me another one in its place. OK, exchange is no robbery but this is a real pain in the whatsit. The fonts, on *both* my accounts, all shrank to a tiny size and some became illegible. Worst affected were spell books, memmed spell icons, hotkeys of all kinds and even chat windows. I know you can do "chatfont 5" etc but some keep jumping back to the smaller size. When I first logged on after the world kick, as I think you called it, even the server select screen looked like a cool-wash item that had been through a hot wash. I hesitate to ask this but: did you check the result of what you had done? Is there any way to restore the normality I had enjoyed for twenty years? The server select screen did become a bit larger over time and I kept hoping this would spread but, sadly, no such luck; the tiny fonts seem here to stay and they are very hard on the eyes. Why did this happen? Can you help?
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  3. Duder Augur

    Don't include account details in these posts. They are for players to help eachother.

    Try going into your options menu ingame and changing the font it uses.

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  4. Cazmac Augur

    Changing the font does not work; I had tried that months ago. You are right to think that Arial is a pig of a font to read and I have tried serif fonts instead of this sans one but it is the size that is the problem.
  5. CatsPaws Augur

    I don't think it is font related at all. Pretty sure what they did reset or messed with your graphic settings. Could have even been that you used to play in windowed mode and are now in full screen or the other way around.

    This has some good info on Video Modes about halfway down.

    Sometimes you have to zone to see the changes. IIRC there used to be a thing where the setting that your seeing in here:

    Needed to match what was in your computer or maybe it was what was under the little wheel settings on patch screen? Sorry don't remember exactly but I am sure someone can kick in here and help

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