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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mukkul, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. Mukkul Lorekeeper

    Mount key ring slots have not been sold in marketplace for a long time. I am wondering why not? You can buy illusion key ring slots and familiar key ring slots, but nothing for your mount key ring. I want to buy 25-quantity slots and haven't been able to for over a year now.

    Seems like the stuff available for sale in marketplace is totally arbitrary with no reasoning behind it. And since it's digital, it's not like they're short on shelf space.

  2. Sokki Augur

    Go into the Mount Key Ring and click Buy Slots from there, not the actual marketplace. It will give you the option to add 5 slots. I'm not sure why they haven't fixed this, it's been brought up before.
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  3. GNOME_POWER Augur

    It is displayed in my toons. 5/10/25 Slot
    Server Cazic Thule / Vox / Ragefire / Luclin

    Only the display of my LV85 Heroic Characters(FreePlayer) is different.
    10 Slot
    Server Luclin
  4. CatsPaws Augur

    Here is what I figured out. The Mount Keyring was a feature they stopped including with expansion purchases in 2016.
    REF: : Sept-2016: Please note that once EverQuest: Empires of Kunark becomes available for pre-order, the Mount and Illusion Key Ring will no longer be included with expansion purchases.

    So if you had one then or bought one of those expansions then you already have the key ring feature - check your claims. And you will not be able to see the Mount Key Ring feature in the marketplace. Instead you buy more "slots' for the Mount Key ring feature.

    Now if you never bought or claimed the Mount Key ring Feature then it shows up in the marketplace just fine along with the extra slots. I bought one the last sale a few weeks ago for a new character and will buy another on the next sale for some other characters I have.

    It works the same as the Heroic Armor feature which can only be seen in the marketplace if you have NOT already bought it.

    They have not fixed it because it is not broke. It gives you the option to buy slots because you already have the key ring itself.
  5. CatsPaws Augur

  6. Sokki Augur

    We're talking about the Extra Slots not the actual feature itself, it is broke because the Extra Slots don't show up. Maybe that's what's causing it though, if you got the mount key ring from the expansion the extra slots don't show up but if you bought the feature separate then they do.
  7. Nniki Augur

    I checked Ragefire and did not see them in /marketplace... nor The Rathe for that matter. Illusion and Familiar were there. Probably something account based like Sokki said if some see them and others do not.

    Otherwise, it wouldn't be the first time they accidentally removed them from the marketplace. They went missing back in 2017 and returned January 2018:

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