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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Boxxie, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. Boxxie New Member

    Couple things I wanted to figure out. I was looking up monk fist damage and I think it was 23/38 at 50, wanted to make sure that was right first.

    Second, how is their dps WITHOUT being a raid main and such compared to mages/necros/etc in group situations. NOT worrying about how they compare to charm or anything, just the base classes.

    Figuring out my setup for launch, thought I had what I wanted, but now I am trying to talk myself into monks I think :p


    Also one more thing. How much do buffs from shams/bards affect the monks dps. IE, would 4 monks do more damage than 3 monks+sham or like 2 monks+sham+bard?
  2. Uesce New Member

    Serious question? Have you ever even played a melee character? Do you not understand how important haste and buffs are for DPS? Let alone things like over haste from bards?
  3. Valanie Journeyman

    overhaste will not be an issue on mangler for 3 expansions. Monk dps is great in classic, but you definitely want haste and atk buffs. Once you get your epic in kunark, monk dps is the best in groups. Its non-stop for every pull, where as casters (minus necros) have agro issues and need to pace themselves.
    Monks with epic and avatar and vog can't be beat in kunark.
  4. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Monks are great in classic because they need the least gear all around. The other melee are going to need some competitive weapons.

    Also there is no over haste for a while. So get an fbss or cof and your good.

    Adding the bard instead of the monk probably isn't going to help your dps, especially in classic to velious bUT it will give you immense utility for little effort.
  5. Valanie Journeyman

    Also, 23/38 is human lvl 50 ratio. At 60 with epic, its 23/26.
  6. Doze Elder

    At lvl50 bare hands is 'only' 21/38 (you need lvl60 for 23/38), monk Epic will reduce bare hand delay to 26 and Iksar have +1 to bare hand delay.
  7. sumnayin2 Elder

    Lots of ignorant people will try to convince you otherwise, but your fists are pretty lackluster until your epic. A 4/28 wooden club is better than your fists until 105 H2H skill, always consult the monk fist tlp chart when debating a weapon you have versus your fist ratio.

    edit: and keep in mind your fists can't use augments.
  8. Valanie Journeyman

  9. Boxxie New Member

    I am still hoping to find someone that has played mage/necro and monk @ 50 with normal drop gear and then possibly in the kunark era as well. Wondering how much real difference dps is while grouping and junk.
  10. Weebles Augur

    Irony at its finest, lol. Fists become better ratio than the 4/28 club at skill level 45 (not 105) when they become 6/38.

    They are the best ratio you can get in classic outside of Wu's fist.

    Even in Kunark, level 60 fists (0.61 dmg/delay) are better than jade mace & knuckle dusters and equivalent to Stave of Shielding. Hardly what I would call lackluster.
  11. Baldur Augur

    At low levels maybe you're right, but at higher levels with the damage bonus from weapons and no damage bonus from bare hand you can't compare ratios.

    In Kunark all those weapons you listed will out parse bare hand because of the damage bonus you get from them.
  12. Glow Elder

    Shaman haste suuuucks. Enchanter haste is signficantly better. Also shaman buffs in classic are pretty meh.

    They will give you some str, but that's honestly not the end all be all, dex won't matter much in classic, and you won't get avatar/attack buffs untill kunark.

    I think a 4th monk would out dmg the buffs given by a shaman in classic. However the shaman will out dmg all 3 monks with dots anyway.

    Without charm they will fall behind in dps to necros and shamans, baring mana problems which these classes will eventually have. Also necros and shamans can start their dps a lot more easily (send pet, cast a dot, done) although shamans need to constantly canni to be effective.

    Depending on your rate of pulling, your mana recovery, and how efficiently you can position your monks, having a bunch of monks is probably your highest dps outside of charming IF you can consistantly have enough mobs and don't have trouble with healer mana (which you probably will if you aren't healing a tanking charm pet, healer mana will likely be your limiting regent, again depends how fast you can position, if you can line up 4 monks into beating a mobs butt in 2 seconds, maybe not, but then you aren't pulling very fast, etc etc)

    If I were to do a "charmless" group with maximum exp, I'd go:

    Cleric, Enchanter, bard, 3 monks, or Enchanter bard 4 shamans.

    With monks I'd have a bard pull with mezzes, enchanter slow and mez, let a monk tank.

    With shamans I'd have bard pull with mezzes, all 4 shamans would cast their poison dot, the enchanter would root the mob and it would bleed out, they would then do that with all 4 mobs the bard had pulled, the bard would sit with the shamans/enchanters pumping mana+hp song, then run and grab more, with the shammies canni dancing for mana.

    I would go shaman over necro because I think canni dance + clarity > lich? I could be wrong though, if not I'd just use necros, although having a bit of healing outside of bard song is probably ideal, but in a "perfect" scenario that wouldn't come up. Either way you wouldnt even send pets in really, unless the enchanter had the mana for slow.

    4 x envenomed bolt will kill any mob, hell 4 x plague will kill any mob, you could root rot extremely efficiently this way, but then like, you're still playing with fire, might as well use charms.
  13. Weebles Augur

    You could be right. I’m not sure how much the damage bonjs changes the equation. But either way, fists are certainly still reasonable while you acquire those weapons.
  14. Machentoo Augur

    This is not hard at all to do. Have the four monks autofollow the tank, and all four monks will be lined up on the butt of the mob instantly as soon as the tank positions himself correctly. One key on each to assist and they will be doing damage much faster than the shamans, who will have a cast time on their first dot.
  15. sumnayin2 Elder

    Yea I apologize my math was wrong on that, brain fart. But yea Fists can't have augments or bonus damage and can be outclassed by specific weapons...not entirely lackluster.
  16. Doze Elder

    Nothing in Kunark era beats epic fists.
  17. Baldur Augur

    If you reread the post I was quoting and my post, epic fists were never mentioned. The discussion was about non epic fists.

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