mischief tlp and hunter achievements.

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  1. weredingo New Member

    many named mobs in zones like crushbone were not rare enuf to be put on the hunter achievements. if those lists and "rare" cons are what they use to set the loot pools, crushbone will have 5 named i can think of left out of what makes the server special.

    other zones like swamp of no hope will have cycles of "named" mobs were you can go 10 spawns in a row without seeing a place holder all flagged as rare and virtually no loot on any of them. becoming a trackers endless loot mine.
  2. Tankkin New Member

    Thats going to be part of the magic. Use the system. Breaks up the repetition of every other single TLP
  3. Sobmre Augur

    Am i wrong in thinking this will be called the krono farming perma camped fast spawn named server.

    What would be the point in going to other named camps at your lvl when you can just sit at one camp forever and get all the loot you need ?
  4. KrakenReality Augur

    Yes, you’re wrong because that’s every TLP. The RMT crews don’t move off the profitable camps anyways. At least this one activity can be more spread out.
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  5. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    From what I can deduct, is that the krono farmer camps will most likely be set up in areas with "static" named/PH's of specific levels. They will most likely congregate in areas where there are multiple named spawns within shor distance.

    Unlike previous TLP's, where Efreeti Lord in SolB is perma camped, a more "profitable" camp, with more than 1 named spawn and at least one spawn of equal level to Efreeti Lord resides.

    The tactic will not be to hold a known loot spawn or simply a known rare spawn, but to set up in a place to maximize rare spawns from a single location and cover at least one specific level and possibly two to three level ranges to cover various loot possibilities.

    Since the full details aren't known, there will be a number of variations. I can see Kobold Royals being camped, for 3+ named in one spot. I can see lots of LGuk being camped. I also see some places like the bottom of Runyeye possibly no longer being perma camped by mages.

    It will shift the dynamic around.

    As for moving camps.. well.. it opens up the opportunity to go to places with nameds that don't have "chase" items, and have a shot at "chase" items. That means the population isn't locked into specific camps, creating bottlenecks and griefing. I do't HAVE TO camp Efreeti Lord or fight with a farmer for the camp... I can go to another camp and possible get a ring or GEBs. I can go to Gorge of Xorbb, which is normally pretty barren, and have a shot at some decent drops there (maybe, cause there's a multi-named spot there which may be camped). It opens up a bigger set of possibilities to choose a camp, based on where you are and where the server population spreads to, without the previous funnels to X zone, Y camp, etc..

    I suspect that HHK and CB will still be very popular for the XP quests, but as people move up in levels, I highly suspect a wider range of occupied zones than on previous progression servers.
  6. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I think for a lot of these questions it will be best to wait and see how the server plays out as we really don't have much information now on how the loot will work.
  7. mark Augur

    dont forget picks and aoc there will be so much loot that prices and trading will fall over time.
  8. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Just as long as they don't mess up loot on live.

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