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    <Team Destruction Inc> wants you!

    Actively recruiting new members. Small guild seeking more like minded individuals that want to enjoy the game. We have been together for a few years and would like to invite others in to our team. Questions that you might have.

    Who is our guild right for? Anyone that wants a challenge in the game. We will be completing raid content with the least amount of people possible. That means there will be deaths, there will be frustrations and there will be an incredible feeling of accomplishment. It also means that every person will be rewarded for their time by actually walking away from most raids with some type of loot.

    How do you handle loot? Currently we are on a loot council system. We will be switching to a DKP system at some point in the near future. We will not be doing loot paid for by platinum. So if your in it to buy all the loot, this is not the guild for you.

    Will raid attendance be a requirement? Not at this time. You get from the game what you put in to it.

    What is your overall goal? We want to push through the current content and continue to enjoy the game while doing it. Raiding, grouping, questing should never feel like a job. We don't want to be rich, we don't want to take advantage of our members and we don't want to be the biggest guild on the server.
    Our core members have many years of experience with the game. We have played most if not all classes thoroughly and have a very in depth understanding on how to squeeze the absolute most out of every class. If you want to learn more about your class, this is the place to do it. Want to learn more about the game, we can help you there too. Tired of looking for competent people to play with, this is the place for you. We are not elitists, or min max type people, but we can help you be a better player.

    If you want a place where you feel like your not just another body on the floor, then feel free to drop in to our discord and talk to our people, or meet us in game.

    You can join our Discord at [COLOR=var(--text-link)]https://discord.gg/XGTmJCP7xk[/COLOR]

    Feel free to send messages to Balero / Balbro, Meli, Story and Denmer in game.
  2. Balero New Member

    Per popular questions, I am adding raid information.

    Tuesday / Thursday and some Friday's. 8pmCST.
  3. Balero New Member

    Kunark is fresh, levels are flowing, people are growing. Come explore the world of Norrath with Team Destruction. We want YOU!

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