[Mischief] <Meat Filled Pie> CST based raiding guild

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    <Meat Filled Pie> is currently baking to perfection on the Mischief server! We are made up of veteran raiders from multiple TLP servers that were looking for a more casual experience to fit our needs while still clearing the content from each expansion.

    Recruitment is currently open for ALL classes!

    Our Raid Times are:

    WED - 7 to 10pm CST
    SUN - 5:30 to 8:30pm CST
    MON - OPTIONAL - 7 to 10pm CST

    We believe in quality over quantity. We aren't looking to zerg down targets. Our goal is to build a competent raid force compromised of individual talented players. We allow 1 raid approved alt/box per member. Obviously mains take priority over boxes and alts, but with the amount of loot dropping we find ourselves swimming in a dragons hoard of banked items.

    This time around we're using a loot council system because of both the sheer amount of loot dropping per mob and the random loot tables. Loot council will allow us to move the raid along faster without bidding for each item, and the nature of DKP saving/planning goes out the window with the random loot tables. Attendance still plays a factor but raiders won't be penalized for missing raids. However, the more raids you attend, the more likely you are to get that piece of armor you're after!

    Send a /tell in game to: Kethis, Mend, Raze, Kharn, or Miss.

    https://discord.gg/zhsVss2vMt - We welcome you to jump in our discord and say hi or speak with an officer about any questions you may have!
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    We've been slaughtering all of the old content as we bolster our numbers. Soon we will be looking at Kunark targets and are looking for new members to join us!

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