miragul, I want to love you, but . . .

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Rotlust, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. Rotlust Augur

    I LOVE my necro/beast on this server, but either I am too late to the party (already? less than a month?), the server is completely dead, or I am missing something.

    I can never find groups, and nobody ever talks. I am confused because the server seems genuinely fun; however, my time is very limited and precious. I am afraid of investing a lot of time into this server because it seems so . . . dead . . . already

    am I missing something? Am I just being paranoid? If I invest a great deal of time into this server am is my time doomed with it? Is there even a raid scene there?
  2. Bobbybick Augur

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  3. Zalamyr Augur

    I love all the people playing on servers that will be really, truly dead by the time they hit HoT calling Miragul DOA.

    The long term future of Miragul is certainly questionable, but it's better off than any other TLP has been by the time they reach HoT. The future of ANY TLP by the time they hit expansions like HoT is highly suspect. Even Phinny, one of the most successful TLPs, had dwindled to super low status by the end of HoT. If you need a super high population to feel comfortable, your only choices are playing the same 6 expansions over and over again on fresh TLPs, or playing on live.

    As far as raiding, LotA has cleared most of tier 2 raids thus far.
  4. HoodenShuklak Augur

    It was a weak rule set. Like coirnav some servers just make little sense.

    If they keep the free heroics by the time the server reaches live then it will be in a good place. Until then you're probably better off on live where at least there are medium and high population options.
  5. Yinla Augur

    Part of Miraguls problems stem from a lack of promotion and releasing at the wrong time of year.

    Many are busy in RL at this time and those who also play live are busy in beta.
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  6. Kloodge Elder

    I came from Agnarr (mostly) and had fun getting a bard to 90. I then realized I didn't have anything else to do for 2.5 months except grind AA for tiny upgrades (9 AA to upgrade Combat Stability netted me 3 AC). I had no problems getting groups when I last played two days ago.

    Modern EQ is just not for me.
  7. Skuz Augur

    Population on Miragul was not stellar to begin with, the suspension & ban-wave decimated the population however & a large number of those affected by that seemingly have not returned leaving the server heavily impacted & much reduced in numbers, there is still at least 1 active guild there though & a handful of people who seem happy to play without one actively progressing.

    I had hoped this would find the *new* Audience DBG sought for it & it almost certainly brought a few players back to try it, but simply not enough to make it a healthy population.

    I think DBG will learn from this, in at least as far as seeing the population out there for TLP is being recycled too much at his point, I think there needs to be a "seasonal" TLP that cycles the classic content, wipes, starts over again, and once the "classic recycle" demographic begins to get sick of that they may start looking at what the game has to offer beyond PoP.

    Alongside a seasonal classic recycling server the Current TLP & future ones could add some features to improve retention & the return of players after extended breaks.

    Classic Seasonal TLP:
    Classic XP
    AoC enabled
    Free Trade
    16 week unlocks
    Ends after the latter of 16 weeks of PoP or Quarm has been Defeated.
    Closes for a week or two after the above condition met during which players may opt to transfer their level 50+ characters to FV or Brekt & all remaining characters are then wiped.
    Server then restarts back in classic.

    Suggested Changes to Current/Future TLP & live servers:
    AoC added to all servers as a standard feature
    Lower Pickzone thresholds on Medium & Low population servers.
    TLP Servers to have made available to them a way to return from a hiatus with a free character based on the following templates / eras.

    Once a TLP unlocks PoP a 51/50 upgrade/new character option unlocks (as used on the Quarm Server, maybe consider the Quarm Store Bundle being available at that time too).

    Once a TLP unlocks TSS a level 70 upgrade/new character (AA through to DoDH in a set of Defiant gear) option unlocks.

    Once a TLP unlocks HoT a Heroic 85 upgrade/new character option unlocks.

    Once EoK Unlocks a Hero 100 Upgrade/New Character option unlocks. (Add this upgrade/new character option to all live servers)
  8. Chuuk Augur

    Unfortunately, it seems like Miragul only appeals to a crowd that just doesn't really exist - that and people just looking to mess around with heroic L85s.

    Personally, I think the TLP crowd really likes character growth. Seeing your toon go from L1 to L50 is like watching a baby grow up. Starting at L85 and going to L90 is like inheriting a teenager and watching them get their first bout of acne.

    The dream looks to be dying - unless DBG can re-ignite the player base. The only servers that ever achieve a high population, historically, are the Phinny-clones - but I suspect they know they've beaten this horse quite a bit. The super-fast server was a dud. The heroic HoT server was a dud.

    IDK - it looks to me like the classic - luclin game is the most appealing to the TLP crowd, but unless they switch up some things, I know I won't be coming back in any time soon.
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  9. Lidjet Journeyman

    I recommend joining a guild. Thats how you will get groups. We have about 100 + online average during most of the day. 150+ during prime time.

    Hitting up General just doesn't work. Join a guild, make friends, group.

    If you wanna join LOTA hit me or another officer up, but there are a few guilds that im sure will love to have ya.
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  10. Machen Augur

    As of this morning, there are more people playing on Phinigel than Miragul.
  11. ntellect Elder

    *sigh* more people who talk about Miragul but dont actually play on it so have no idea what they are talking about.

    Im actually on Miragul. You didnt miss the boat you missed the rush. Join a guild and you will be more than fine. I play very limited I'm only level 87. I got on last night at 11PM and was moloing in the grounds for about 10 minutes before guildies asked to group. I had 3 then 15 minutes after that a friendly 90 who wanted to burn a lesson joined and we had fun.

    I've played on all the TLPs starting with Ragefire. I've found more groups *consistently* here than on any other server.

    If you want to love Miragul come join LoTA or any of the other guilds and you will have more than enough people to group with who fun to hang out with as well.

    But dont listen to the people saying it's dead because they arent on the server to know.
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  12. Machen Augur

    When you have a tiny fraction of the people in general chat compared to any previous TLP three weeks in, and when it's been declining every week since Miragul launched, it's not hard to evaluate where things are, and where they are headed. Even without logging in to the server.
  13. Lidjet Journeyman

    Using General as a metric is pretty crap, Plenty of people dont even join General... infact many turn it off... but ill appease ya.

    I logged onto a few servers to check within the last 10 minutes of this post.

    Mangler - 399
    Miragul - 196
    Selos - 173
    Phinny - 156
    Shocker, a server that didn't start in classic isn't as popular for a TLP? Who would have thought?!

    Classic EQ will always have more players.. its a fact. Some of us on Miraguls have already done that a few times now and want to see the end game.. thats why were here.

    There are a ton of people here that are just about the server that havent even logged on or given it a chance. Sure its not super popular.. but we came to this server knowing that and its far from dead.

    Stop comparing apples to oranges.
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  14. Machen Augur

    People don't join general chat on all servers. There's no reason to think that more or less people join on Miragul than other servers.

    I've been tracking Miragul in comparison to Phinny and Ragefire since it launched. The first week, it had about twice the pop of Ragefire or Phinny, on average. The second week, it had about 50% more. This week it has been about even, sometimes slightly more, sometimes slightly less.
  15. Lidjet Journeyman

    I did not say that its just Miraguls where people dont join General, thats why I said Id appease you.

    Cool man, were still here and people are playing. Its not for you, we get it.
  16. Machen Augur

    I'm mostly just responding to the guy earlier in the thread that said Miragul has a much better population than any other server that's made it to HoT, and that those other TLP's are really dead. It just isn't true.
  17. Lidjet Journeyman

    From my experience on Miragul, the population problems come down to the following:

    * People just don't know this content. A lot of people never even played this era.
    * Nostalgia just Isn't there as much compared to a classic TLP. People will keep rolling on the newest classic era TLP.
    * There aren't enough raid leaders willing to lead guilds on content you cant just heal chain through. Most things need legit strategy now. Its intimidating for some.
    * A lot more buttons, this is also intimidating for the average player that remembers looking at their spellbook.

    Miraguls will never have the population of those other servers. We understand that and get that.

    However, atleast in my guild.. its very active. We have 150+ on during primetime and weekends. There are a ton of groups going. We started a second raid force and days to keep up with demand.

    The fact that people can join this server and be relatively up to speed very quickly is the real benefit. We had about 10+ members come back to game, and others can come back at any time and be almost caught up!

    It will NEVER be as popular as other TLPs... you can remove truebox, you can add FV loot style, krono removal.. whatever is the latest breed of ideas floating around these forums.

    It just wont compare ever. That's my opinion due to the above bullet points.

    That being said.. were having a ton of fun.
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  18. Jontrann Augur

    Stop rerolling on every tlp and maybe you would see that engame.
  19. Lidjet Journeyman

    Trust me, I'd love to. :) Miragul was the best way for us to keep going as a guild.. since a new TLP every 6 months killed Phinny for new members for us. Played over there since basically it came out.

    Whos going to start on Phinny when you can get a heroic for free 2 expansions behind?
  20. Aueman Journeyman

    Phinigel should unlock heroics in CoTF I believe which is less than 3 months away.

    If that happens there will probably be more than you think.
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