Merge servers from 20 down to 8.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Mishakaal, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Mishakaal New Member

    1. Time to center your business around what you do well, game development and keeping consistency in results.
    2. Cuts down drastically the maintenance cost / most cost effective solution with less computers to run and a more focused approach in a business who needs a high level game development and customer service.
    3. It will let you center your attention on the most important things which is making the best gaming experience for everybody.
    4. It will stabilize the bleeding problems for a while and we will see a much easier time for new players with an increased population by server. This big boost will put things to a much more substainable and better level for everybody. Before we get tired of empty zones, instances, mercenaries and defiant gear which broke the social aspects and features of the game that were built in from the start.
    5. Finding groups quickly to begin a play session is a big plus with a bunch of friends and new people to meet.
    6. Will keep the game's health great for another five years then you just have to START MARKETING this game at the retail level, free to download level and with viral content, videos and hash tags and put a lot more efforts into social lives to bring in new players from all spheres of gaming. By today standards it's not the best looking game but not the worst by far and still is the biggest and largest rpg in existence that i know of.
    7. This will be preventing players from getting frustrated because they are not finding groups and keep the game exciting in more zones.
    8. You need to bring back social interaction like Bazaar and EC tunnels, guild competitivity, fights for domination. GAME PACE is really important and since you put fast heals only the thing of the moment there is much less chatting, more whacking and bashing and spell casting but getting to know people is not happening as well as it did before.
    I wish for Everquest to be the best it can be. Please make it happen and restructure your business efforts and money. Stop wasting development money on stupid projects that won't get off the ground. EQ money i invest is for Everquest 1 only. Please use wisely and keep it there.

    Also fix Legends of Norrath rewards and clients because the store is broken with soe station website link.

    Thank you!

    Mishakaal Souldancer
    15 years of experience in clerical wonders.
  2. code-zero Augur

    It doesn't matter how many times you ask for merges because
    Just because you cram more players into fewer servers if you can't find groups now you'll not have much luck finding groups then. We had a friend return to the game for the TLP and after becoming powerfully bored with them he created a new character and joined us. He's not only been able to find groups on one of the lower population server he even managed to find people to help do the J5 Mercenary progression in the Warrens.

    Bottom line, if you're not finding groups then it's not the game or the server or boxers. It's you
  3. Mishakaal New Member

    I was so waiting for that one!

    You are totally evading the point and trying to redirect the issue somewhere else. Which in this case you can't go for that because of where I stand. I'm in a very active guild as a cleric who groups with them for the current expansion content.

    Nobody is having fun with a tiny population and a general chat only max 200 people and half of that is either afk or a box which makes the world totally lifeless and dull. It's NOT healthy at all. MORE players = more friends and excitement, more fun and more life in the game.

    The zones used to have 20 or more of every classes in /w with many LFG's. When you're looking at it right now if it's for something below level 105 it goes from worst to MUCH worst very quickly.

    Sorry, but i want this become enjoyable not stay a ghost town. With at least 800 players in general chat and many of each classes for most level range it will be interesting for many more years.

    Chatting with just a few different players, the SAME people, and not having people of every levels to group with that's not good at all for new comers. I recently created new characters and this shown very poorly. I'm very confident this is the right business move to bring the game back to where it made most sense both business wise and most fun.
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  4. code-zero Augur

    there have been a number of requests in the TLP forums asking for ways to spawn new "picks" because when it comes to actually trying to play the game you very easily can get to the point where there are way too many people in zone to be able to get anything done.
  5. Mishakaal New Member

    It's way more fun to compete vs nobody there! =P
  6. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I think the OP and second post are both half right. More people WILL help grouping some and sometimes it IS the person's fault for not finding groups.

    A server merge would help some. There are people who say server merges cause players to quit.. not sure its that or just the fact that we will bleed players regardless till the servers eventually sunset.

    Some peeps go out and create groups some just wait for them to happen and a lot of people are in the middle.
  7. CrazyLarth Augur

    as they keep expanding the ability to have high numbers in a zone to spawn mulit -copies for all the enjoy some day it might just be one sever.
  8. code-zero Augur

    Adding to my previous post, FWIW the guy who returned for TLP then came back to live did in fact quit after the last server merges due to the disintegration of his guild.
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  9. Aphreya Ying New Member

    It doesn't change the point she makes to merge the servers already and get this done ASAP. This change is long overdue!

    Check the home page of that's all i have to say. So when we get it done maybe we'll have a decent level of population afterward. You simply don't run a game with empty servers. That just doesn't fly up there in the gamers community when you try to bring new players to your game. You can talk to your own mercenary all day long as much you like but i'm sure you'll never get your answers.

    Merge at least 3 servers together:
    1. Bertoxx, Bristlebane and Cazic Thule
    2. Drinal, Erollisi Marr and Luclin
    3. Povar, The Rathe, Trakanon
    4. Tunare, Vox, Xegony
    Keep single:
    1. Zek PVP
    2. Antonius Bayle (euro)
    3. Fippy Paw TLP
    4. Firiona Vie (RP)
    5. Vulak' Aerr TLP
    Server Status Server Name Population
    up Antonius Bayle (EU)
    up Bertoxxulous
    up Bristlebane
    up Cazic Thule
    up Drinal
    up Erollisi Marr
    up Fippy Darkpaw (TLP)
    up Firiona Vie (RP)
    up Lockjaw
    up Luclin
    up Phinigel
    up Povar
    up Ragefire
    up The Rathe
    up Trakanon
    up Tunare
    up Vox
    up Vulak`Aerr (TLP)
    up Xegony
    up Zek

    ~ Aph
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  10. Dre. Augur

    Cross-server instancing/HA lobby. Some people like their ghost town servers. For everyone else, there's Bristlebane.
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  11. code-zero Augur

    If people WANT a crowded server then the way to do it is to get the word out and have EVERYONE who wants a packed server to all move to that server. It's not difficult, I've got a suspicion that the people all calling for it aren't boxing their own crews anyway. There's not a thing to stop the majority of people coming back from going to say, Vox and getting the huge population there that they imagine. If it's successful enough then instead of splits Daybreak can institute the /pick system there if they like. What you all are calling for is something that could genuinely encourage me and my friends to leave the game for good all so you can temporarily have overcrowding
  12. Faana Augur

    Do you mean to imply merges CAUSE guilds to poof? If so, you're confusing cause and effect.
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  13. Faana Augur

    Not enough. Povar is very low and Trakanon is empty.

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