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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Inagaki, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Inagaki Lorekeeper

    Merc banked AA limit used to be 20. Has it been increased? And when was it increased? What's the new banked AA limit now?

    I always spend my merc AAs before it reached 20. So it caught me by surprise when I looked at my merc banked AAs today and it was at 20.2 AAs.
  2. CatsPaws Augur

    I have not heard of any increase however there is one player who swears he gets way more than 20 banked but has yet to show a screen shot. It could be just a visual or UI graphic thing showing more - wait and see if you get 21 and let us know:)

    There was a bug a while back that messed with the merc AA bar - turning it off when zoning etc so it could also just be a burp on the server connection that shows merc AA.
  3. Inagaki Lorekeeper

    Sorry, I spent some of the AAs and had to work back up to 20 before I can report back. I still get the you cannot gain more exp msg when I ding 20. But I was able to keep on gaining new exp within that 20th AA. It is then maxed at 100% into 20AAs. i.e. if you plan on banking merc AAs for the new expansion, the limit is actually 21, not 20.

    Is that how it works for player AA too? That you can squeeze in that last banked AA? From what I remember, I can't gain more exp to fill up the next AA once I dinged. Best I can do is do a quest that gives me 1AA when I am close to 1% before max and I get that one-shot chance to fill up my next AA to be as close to 100% as possible.
  4. Dreadmore Augur

    The limit is 20, not 21. You don't get credit for the 21st banked AA by having that bar 100% filled. It's not "100% into 20AAs." That bar and the banked AA counter are separate but related things. You get another level banked once the bar fills and resets, but the bar is not allowed to fill and reset if you are at the maxed level.

    It is the same with all experience bars.
  5. Inagaki Lorekeeper

    I had 20 AAs and 100% filled in the next level. I then spent 3 AAs and that 100% filled bar was used as 1 AA. So in practice, that 100% filled bar is usable whether it's called the "21st AA" or the "100% filled bar after max is reached".
  6. Dreadmore Augur

    Ah, I get you now. I didn't understand this from your previous posts. "In practice/technical implementation" is different from "as labeled" for sure, but still a different conversation, and not the one I thought was on hand here.

    I am not online to confirm what you say, so I'll have to take you word for it. I can say that this was not the case with PC level experience and AA experience as recently as a couple months ago, but your post is more recent. I can log in and check later tonight though to see what happens. We may have to wait a couple expansions to see if the same thing happens when a level cap increases though :cool:
  7. Inagaki Lorekeeper

    I understand max is still 20AAs and the cap has not been raised. It's just that my past experience with player AA is that I cannot fill up the next-level-after-max except via one-shot quest AA before I max. Looks like I need to try it again with player AA too. But it's so hard to hold until max without using player AA :p.

    So my question is actually on whether you can fill up the next-level-after-max.

    To be clear, when I spent 3 AAs, it became 17AAs and 100% into next level (i.e. technically 17, but practically 18).
  8. Dreadmore Augur

    Oh, that is totally a different issue. It still isn't 18 until you kill one more and get the experience from it. So what I said previously still holds true.

    I don't know how it might have been years ago, but for the last two years, you've always been able to continue getting experience toward a bar even after you've met your max level or banked AAs.

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