Maxing Tinkering Trophy at Skill 310

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by minimind, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. minimind Augur

    So, apparently, while buying AAs for my tinkering alt, I purchased a couple I shouldn't have and allowed his max skill to be raised to 310 before I maxed out his trophy. As a result, I need to make recipes that trivial 311+ to evolve the trophy further.

    Does anyone know of a couple "low burden" (cheaper, less farming) recipes I should focus on?
  2. Qbert Augur

  3. minimind Augur

    Thanks for the response! I read up on the Black Powder one because I've been hoarding that stuff forever. It requires that my tinker alt have 300 in each primary tradeskill. I'm not willing to go there.

    I don't have any Relic Fragments (I pretty much skipped all of The Darkened Sea).

    I DID have 200+ Ethernere Essence, but I just burned through them for another Tinkering recipe. Thus far, slowly farming another stash of Ethernere Essence looks to be the "easiest" route.
  4. Qbert Augur

    If you by chance have a stash of smithing supplies, you could look into cultural wrist symbols (basically need ore/loams).

    Otherwise, ya . . . most of the non-cultural tinkering recipes at that level and above require the uncommon tradeskill drops that are expansion-specific (relic fragments, ethernere essence, etc.).
  5. minimind Augur

    That's what I feared. >.<

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