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  1. Siddar Augur

    Very interesting read.

    Some highlights.

    Note the bolded part.
    Lastly, Georgeson explained how the Krono fits into the newly revamped business model. This new currency allows coin-poor players to instantly make purchases on the broker, which helps tradeskillers as a side benefit. It also allows for more flexible membership options, since each Krono is 30 days of gold-membership game time. It's a fair replacement to using Station Cash for subscriptions, something that was recently removed (Georgeson explained that SOE was losing its shirt over the practice). Lastly, the Krono undermines the gold farmers, which is always a nice benefit.

    Truly terrible idea!
    Georgeson's solution is what he calls "point of need," and what he proposes is to take these items off of the Marketplace and move them right into the interface. For example, if a player dies and clicks "revive," she'll still have the same choices of revive locations, but she'll also have a small icon at the bottom of her screen to allow her to pay a small transaction and revive where she died. This allows for one-click purchasing and less clutter in the Marketplace.
  2. JERUS Augur

    I truly hope they never add a button that allows you to respawn where you died, especially for station cash. That's absolutely ridiculous.

    I haven't read his article yet but what i've been told so far there's some interesting ideas and I'll have to read it after work =).
  3. Numiko Augur

    I think they are mostly talking about EQ2 in that article, not EQ1.
  4. smash Augur

    This is by far the worst idea I have ever heard of.
    Lets say I am in a fight, and then I accidently press a small icon on the screen leading into some buy mode or if there is multiple icons for various such stuff.
    Then I will be doing a lot of stuff to get rid of the buy mode, because there will have to be a confirm thing for each icon.
    If I then in panic or something else, do confirm it, my first and immidete response would be to contact my bank to stop the transaction and second would be to stop subscription on eq, because I would become rather angry. (I am a act immediately person.)

    Also there would have to be a confirm for buying the item, as I think it would be against the law in any country if there were no confirm buttom.

    Also, so far what I have heard is that it should not be possible to buy game advantages in the markedsplace, which I would call this is.
  5. Yinla Augur

    So to use the new off line broker system you need to purchase Korno? Or is he talking about something else....I thought the Korno was just for membership.
  6. Riou Augur

    He's basically saying platinum poor people can basically "instantly" make purchases, since they now have platinum, from selling Krono, side benefit to tradeskillers, since people now have platinum to fund theirs or buy their goods
  7. Crystilla Augur

    Krono currently (for EQ) is just for purchasing 30 days of gold membership time. It could expand to purchasing expansions, etc. in the future as an idea that was brought up many times throughout various SoE Live panels and private meetings.

    The offline brokering system has nothing to do with Krono, it's a feature of RoF.
  8. Sinestra Augur

    I've never heard of a law concerning "confirm" buttons. Regardless, clicking one button to buy a revive with one confirmation window is fine. If you can't deal with two temporary windows you suck at EQ anyway.
  9. Leerah Augur

    Just because they promised us that nothing in the marketplace would ever confer game advantage doesn't mean they'll honor that, Sinestra.
  10. iniari-TR Augur

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