Manalinked Guantlets

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by sojero, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. sojero One hit wonder

    Manalinked Guantlets

    effect triggers off of combat skills
    spell empowerment:
    effect increases heals received by 50%
    increases crit rate (spells I assume) by 10%

    Wondering if it is worth losing 100 ac and 700 hp for the effect, which is almost always procing for raider.

    I was going to try and see how it would stand up to healing with ntov dragons against an SK last night, but the server was having lag issues and so was not able to test effectivly last night.

    I put some on a mostly group geared pally vs cotf 1 group hands and so far they are making a heck of a difference in the amount of mana being consumed. Can heal through HA's with just valiant, ostricize, and stun with reflective heal. with the occasional burst. I could do it before but it wasn't as sustainable.

  2. CrazyLarth Augur

    1: Increase Spell Critical Direct Damage by 90%
    2: Set Healing Effectiveness to 50%
    weird thought that heal line was negivite to healing ?
  3. sojero One hit wonder

    Go to and look at the effect notes, they have 10% crit chance there. The healing effect is the same as they pally epic or pally aura but larger. I was testing against a dummy in GH and with it on pally I was getting 150k crit heals from cleric using 100 renewal.
  4. Pwnography Augur

    An interesting idea, certainly. I don't think I would derive any benefit given I am constantly overhealed. It appears that situational applications may be there, though. I'm very interested in its dps potential for cases when there enough enough adps support available in raids.
  5. sojero One hit wonder

    I was thinking the same thing, in raid situation usually its the spikes that kill (being rounded) other than that with the constant heals there is so much over healing its inconsequential, but in the group game where its usually an attrition battle or that one spot heal can make all the difference, and the reduction in ac/hp isnt much, its a much better item.
  6. Bamkan Augur

    I've swapped out my T2 RoF gloves for these Mana Linked Gauntlets.

    My cleric crits 150k heals. The base heals are 50% better.
    Every heal is affected I've found.
    Issuance of Faith is 3750/tic instead of 2500ish. DI procs a 76k heal instead of 50k.

    I haven't worked out exactly what triggers it. It will proc just when you put on attack I've found.
  7. Random_Enchanter Augur

    Combat triggers, most spells. and "long" time reuse abilitys (ie forage)
  8. sojero One hit wonder

    I have not had it trigger on any spells or long reuse abilities like forage. that was with me chain casting heals with pally on herself and elegy line on target dummy in ggh to try and trigger that way for 10-15 mins each to test. I have only had it do it off combat abilities (that you cannot control) and bash/disarm/kick
  9. Nylrem Augur

    Sense heading, hide, and forage all can trigger 'em. It appears the longer the recast, the more frequent it will proc 'em. I made a social attaching all three to a hotkey and set that hotkey to my left and right arrows, so it keeps the buff up most of the time now for me on my mage. It may very well act differently on tanks.
  10. Enkel Augur

    They proc off forage for everyone. Tested it on all 16 classes, at 100 (max AA). Never had someone tell me it didn't proc off forage yet (in 3 different guilds). The gloves are amazing, I recommend using them for all tanks (was asked in a tank forum). They're amazing (with some small drawbacks).
  11. Zahrym Augur

    These are amazing for rangers.

    /GU A test dummy in 1001s, 90975k @90884dps --- Iheardrangerwas 90975k @90884 (99.8%)
  12. Ishkur Elder

    I wonder if they're similar to Fists of Fury for monks, which can proc off even tradeskill combines...

    Either way, these are just gravy for knights. Have yet to find any problems with stacking, they proc constantly, and the effect is a huge boon with all the self-healing flying around.
  13. sojero One hit wonder

    That's good to know. Must have just been bad rng for me. Has anyone gotten it to proc off spells?
  14. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    With the changes to these, they should now only proc off of Dodge / Block / Parry across all instances of the new "worn" proc effects.

    The only stacking issue for the healing proc from gloves is Auspice it seems. Pretty much permanently have that running on raids with the re-use where it is and rangers in guild.
  15. Langya Augur

    These are still nice for a group player even post nerf. Supposedly though they hardly proc at all when raiding.
  16. Zahrym Augur