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  1. Earlwind New Member

    Hello friends!

    I have returned to EQ after a decade hiatus, took a break from the MMO gaming all together. I have a lvl 60 druid that is stripped exept for no drops, gave everything away when i left game. After a few days just learning the basics back and buying some survivable gear Im ready to go start leveling my druid up and work on some AAs. I left in the beginning of POP, in which the only content in POP I remember doing is zoning into POD and killing flies with some friends. Can anyone direct me where i can go thats relatively safe to solo, so that I can relearn my combat and spell casting abilities again while gaining xp. Ive noticed, there is really no one under 75 lfg, so solo is all i got till i get to lvls where most are grouping. But thats ok because i need to familiarize myself with the game and combat and this will allow me to do. So if anybody can point me in the right direction pre POP to relearn the game mechanics it would be most appreciated. Thanks
  2. Tatanka Augur

    AFAICR, gargoyles in PoN and suits in the HoH basement were decently soloable around that level. Either quadding or root/rot. Also, in Luclin, the mobs which can drop druid gear in Umbral Plains (Elysian Remains) were definitely doable.
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  3. MarttinPH Elder

    Welcome back to everquest.
    Since you have been gone for awhile, you might want to learn about mercenaries. They are essentially a "pet" that can take on different roles.
    If you can zone into either,Plane of Tactics, or Halls of Honor, both would be great and very easy spots to relearn how to pull and kite. I say these zones as they are zones in which it is very easy to pull without getting multiple adds. I would bring a dps melee mercenary to help kill faster, but some would advocate solo without them so they don't steal some experience.
    I am 90% certain that gargoyles in PoN summon, if they did then kiting would be a pain.
    Some more notes about Halls of Honor, HoH. Most npc's in the zone don't summon. However, the named can summon. In the basement there are two types of suits of armor, black and white. One kind of armor is snareable and cannot be mezzed, and the other is mezzable and cannot be snared. Unless you had a tank mercenary it would be best to do the soldiers close to the entrance.
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  4. Tatanka Augur

    I am 100% certain the gargoyles in PoN do NOT summon. Quadded them by the boatload back in the day.

    As to HoH basement, it was pretty simple. Lots of druids hunted down there. It's easy enough to tell which ones can't be snared (the white ones). With your calm spell (don't remember the name at that level), you can single pull everything, so just leave the white ones. Then you can root/rot or quad as you wish. If too many whites spawn, then pop a tank merc (not an option when I did it) and take them down the normal way. Back then, I would pull the whites in groups of four, once the room was empty of other mobs, and speed-quad them (unsnared).

    Since druids can't mez, that's really immaterial.
  5. Phiyre Augur

    When I used to kite in HoH, I'd just kite the move speed immune ones. Wasn't really hard. bit tougher than kiting while snared but no biggie..
  6. Tatanka Augur

    Exactly. Run speed in PoP (for mobs) wasn't near what it is in newer expacs. And druids automatically have run speed buffs, so staying ahead of them is no biggie.
  7. Finfan Augur

    I was a root/rot specialist but the Northern Section of Garu'kar Mesa and the first part of The Steppes might work for you. Just watch out for the Fae in the Mesa and the Goblins in the Steppes.
  8. Numiko Augur

    first field in PoF, charm a spider or horse and go to town. or if you want to be lazy pop a warrior merc and dire charm one of the little ones. keep working you way further in the zone, castle one mobs are 65 and castle 2 mobs are 68, you will be 70+ in a week or less.

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