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Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Tatanka, Apr 22, 2021.

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  1. Tatanka Augur

    So, unlike the other thread about missing Loyalty tokens, I have all of mine.

    However, I can't spend them because the Loyalty merchant is gone in PoK, and I also checked in Sunrise Hills, also gone there.

    So, bug, or were they removed as part of the fix for the missing tokens issue?

    Tunare server, btw.
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  2. metatron05 New Member

    well, first, they screwed up by zeroing out the loyalty tokens this morning, and then they followed that screw up, with another screw up, by effectively giving players infinite loyalty tokens, and then, upon players discovering that screw up, they followed it up by suspending all the players that bought anything off the vendor at all, and then removing the vendor. solid decision making at the head office today, couldn't possibly have been any more intelligent ways to handle that whole situation that wouldn't have resulted in them having to go through and roll back hundreds of characters by hand and alienating/inconveniencing their player base.
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  3. Yabbu New Member

    I have an account who bought one item from the vendor today. I think it was around 220 tokens. I had 1700 tokens or so for the purchase. That account was suspended also because of "when i decided to use the loyalty vendor" really? This is rather wrong, yes? This was definitely a blanket type suspension. Can we get some feedback if this is being reversed? Take the platinum away from the people who stole platinum but many people were using that vendor today I saw a mob of at least 40 people surrounding it so naturally I went up to it and had to see if something new was on there and decided to buy something and a few hours later I'm suspended. I'm glad i found this thread because I didn't know what was wrong. This feels like a mistake but it would be nice to hear from support. Thank you
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  4. Thunderkiks Augur

    Thanks for this info, my fiance's acct was suspended and we couldn't figure out why. Was bad timing on his part to make some new armor and buy one augment distiller. He certainly didn't have infinite tokens and only bought one augment distiller. So hopefully this will be fixed soon.
  5. metatron05 New Member

    yeah that's what i was kinda getting at. rather than this generally bad way of handling things, they could have just sucked it up, brought the servers down, and fixed the problem and averted all this nonsense. it becomes a much bigger spiderweb of problems when you handle it the way they currently are.
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  6. Xeryus New Member

    Happened also to one of my accounts. I bought like 3 resurrection tokens, didn't even realize the token bug. My account has been suspended with no information whatsoever.
    Is this the way they treat paying customers?
  7. flyguys2421 New Member

    Oh. Boy was I ever worried about why I was showing up as suspended on another account. Glad I saw this! I guess that's what I get for picking up some anchors.
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  8. Hogwilld Lorekeeper

    I had one account suspend for buying 10 tokens. I had plenty of loyalty currency.

    Are we getting these accounts unsuspended? Or do we get a 7 day vacation included in the 36 hour vacation?

    Great job protecting EQs market from begin flooded by NO Drop items. Talk about using a Shotgun to kill a fly.
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  9. Tatanka Augur

    OK, thanks, now at least I know what's going on.

    I'm glad I logged in very late yesterday, because I needed to buy something I did have enough tokens for, and probably would have been suspended.

    Honestly, I just don't get how they make decisions at this company. Or how they can be SO close-mouthed with a clientele who's totally committed to the product, and would be predisposed to being very understanding.
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  10. Hogwilld Lorekeeper

    It’s amazing how hard it is to run a report and see what people bought in excess. And possibly verify their loyalty currency.

    The irony of being bent over by loyalty currency is in classic EQ form.
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  11. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Glad to see I'm not the only one, hopefully they straighten this out quick. I was on Test, and ran by the Loyalty Vendor in PoK while they Marketplace Maintenance was going on. I checked my Alt Currency tab and my tokens were showing up again. So I bought four Perfected Augmentation Distillers, removed some purity augs from some gear, and continued with my day.

    Woke up this morning and that account was suspended. Already filed a CS ticket. They need to reverse this, and correct it. Take back my distillers, I don't care, put the augs back in or whatever. Or just charge me the loyalty tokens for what I got and call it a day. I didn't do anything wrong.
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  12. CazRaX Master

    They've done similar before and just rolled people back to remove the illicit stuff even when the stuff was sold and passed on so it's not like they can't do it they just took the easy way.
  13. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    I'd argue it's not even the easy way, because they are going to get flooded with CS tickets now. It may have seemed like the easy way at the time, but it won't end up being that way. Just roll me back, I don't care, nothing I did yesterday was that important. Not as important as being flagged with a false positive and having a suspension on my account. I want that expunged or whatever.
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  14. Hadagal New Member

    I'd be insanely angry at being suspended for something the game devs screwed up.
  15. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    I am being patient, but there is some anger at how it was handled. I keep reminding myself that there were people exploiting this, as in they found out and went on a shopping spree. So DPG had to do something. Not knowing what their options are, I give them some leeway, but as time goes by with no statement or action, that leeway is shrinking.

    This is just the beginning folks, not everybody gets up the next morning and tries to login. Not everybody reads the forums all day. If they think whatever petitions they got this morning are the end of it, they are hugely mistaken. I would expect that by tonight word will have gotten out and lots of people will be checking their accounts.

    False-positives are hard to avoid, and they make for customer relations problems. They should be managed carefully. I don't know how long my suspension is, I don't know if they will respond to my ticket before it ends. I had planned to play tonight and then won't be able to for a couple days. If tonight arrives and I have heard nothing, my good will and leeway will be quite thin.

    I spend a lot of time arguing on these boards that DPG cares and does their best with limited resources. So it would sting just a little bit more if I had to learn the lesson that I was wrong, the hard way. DPG, please come up with a plan and execute the plan swiftly. Whatever the plan was last night, it was wrong, and needs to be adjusted.
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  16. Treyos New Member

    Im reminded of a vending machine. I got a candy bar, and 2 fell out. Is it morally wrong to keep the extra bar? I suppose, and someone should call the vending company, but who does that? Some Karens will say "But that's stealing". I say fix your damn machine, or don't get pissed when people get a little something extra. It's not the consumer's fault. In fact, i'd try buying a few more candy bars in the hope of some more extras. Firing the whole crew because some vending company didn't know what they were doing and screwed up their own machine? Now that is wrong
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  17. KrakenReality Augur

  18. Zarkdon Elder

    Major suspensions for people that pay your salary is stupid. Remove the loyalty and call it a day. Make anyone that bought over their loyalty tokens wear a dunce cap for a week so we can laugh at them.
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  19. Fajitas New Member

    probably should have just brought the servers down when the initial crowns problem was identified and fixed it. easier to forget a midday downtime than it is to forget your character getting suspended arbitrarily due to bad internal testing. it should never have made it to live and it should never have effected players, regardless of severity.
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  20. dreamweaver Community Manager

    For players affected CS will be reaching out to you, if you already put a petition in they will be responding to that as well.

    EDIT: Sorry forgot this, each case is currently being manually reviewed.
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