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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Carv, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Carv New Member

    Is this adventure supposed to be scaling to 115? it's a 19th anniversary task and says RoS era but all the mobs are >L110 and the named are 116.
  2. Buri Augur

    Probably.. we did the formal dinner party the other night, and it scaled to 115.
  3. Carv New Member

  4. Prathun Developer


    This task stops scaling up after PC level 110.
    Scales to PC level doesn't mean that NPCs are all the same level as the highest level player in the zone. In zones that use level scaling, NPC levels are an offset from the highest level player in the zone. For instance, if Bob_the_scaling_boss is +5 levels and Joe_the_easy_schmo is -3 levels... If the zone is level 100, Bob is 105 and Joe is 97. If the zone is level 70, Bob is 75 and Joe is 67. If the zone stops scaling at 110, and the highest level player in the zone is 115, Bob will be 115 and Joe will be 107.
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  5. Celephane Lorekeeper

    Can we look forward to these mob names being in the game in the future? I really like them
  6. Nadisia Lorekeeper

    You have been slain by Joe the easy schmo!


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