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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Table, Jul 4, 2021.

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    Returning after a 4 (or 5?) year hiatus. Looking to transfer characters to an active server. Figure it will take us a couple months to really catch up but would like to go to a server with a raid guild that does *not* raid on Sundays. We like grouping with others and such so a guild that does other content besides raids would be helpful. I think we are 10 levels behind at this point.

    There's two of us and our main characters are Warrior and Druid but we also have other characters we play for boxing or to fill out groups or whatever.

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    Come over to Zek. We'll take care of you. We raid and are always doing group content. You can still find groups on Zek with 6 separate real people (zero mercs or boxes). Plus it's a free transfer. Come try it.
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    You might find the info in the post below helpful for determing which server to move to, it gives a list of the servers that are most populated.


    As for raiding guilds and what days/times they raid the below post may help.

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    If you're interested in doing some of the older content and catching up, you can check out Summation over on Ragefire. We all try to be friendly(ish), and while a lot of us box we are more than willing to help you out! Server is currently on HoT, but should be moving to VoA toward the end of August. Feel free to contact Zullie/Hopssin over there.