Looking for a guild on Firiona Vie (returning player)

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Gruffish, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. Gruffish Elder

    My highest character is a 93 Troll SK. I have been away for a long time (though I played on Agnarr for a while). I am still trying to remember all the old stuff and learn all the new stuff.

    I also have a 85 Troll Shaman. I box them together for now.

    I am looking for a casual guild. Just some travelling companions. I have done raiding stuff many years ago. After I get some levels I might be interested in a tiny bit of that again but I am not driven towards it.

    Anyway, happy travels.

    In game name is Gruffish
  2. LesserArchi New Member

    You can check out the Emerald Alliance, pretty casual. I have joined the guild not to long ago. Been pretty relaxed, nobody really bothering much. Lately I seen more people joining around level 85’s. Guild comprised of all levels, boxers and single players. Ask anyone to see if officer is online to join. I wouldn’t expecting much for now. Guild is growing at steady pace atm. Good for a starter or returning players.

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