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  1. Durgle New Member

    just wanted to mention that if you wanted to update your guild on the guild listing, just make a user account, and add or edit it, so you can always have control over your guild info!

  2. Iputthegrrrinranger Elder

    Off topic, but that's exactly as I understood it as well. A very bloody history, especially in Mexico at around that time.
  3. Demolishion New Member

    Any LJ guilds EU based?
  4. Simone Augur

    I'm honestly not aware of any here guilds that are based in the Europe on the Lockjaw server. It seems most European guilds ended up on Ragefire whereas on Lockjaw we have most of the Asia/Pacific based player guilds.
  5. Demolishion New Member

    hmm was hoping 1 or 2 would xfered over ;(
  6. Lokomotiva Elder

    <Ghost in the Fog> is a newly forming, soon to be raiding guild once numbers permit.

    Wasn't sure if this was being updated or not. I'll hyperlink a website as soon as it's functionable. Thanks guys.
  7. Lokomotiva Elder

  8. Woofy New Member

    Peace of Formasa Ex
    Asian/oceanic time zone raiding guild. 4th guild on lockjaw beaten CT. currently recruiting too :)
  9. Decarpo New Member

    <Gauls> a Central European time zone guild, is also recruiting.
    Look at www.gauls.dk for more info.

  10. Feikkin New Member

    Pu get Sounders A casual guild mostly in the Western US but all are welcome. The goal is only to keep playing together and help eachother. End game will probably look different for us than others.
    Many members were in Dragon Songs or August Rising. Anyone left from the fray of those should come home.
    All are welcome.
  11. Shinobou New Member

    Feikkin what is that guild's name? Or is it really "Pu get Sounders"? That sounds like an autocorrect mistake.
  12. Feikkin New Member

    Puget Sounders .....ipad autocorrect for the GRRRRR
  13. Agrippa Augur

    What are the top five raiding guilds currently? Are there many (any?) casual guilds with enforced PNP and non-mandatory raiding?
  14. Darth Augur

    Faceless Insanity
    Peace of Formosa Ex
    The Dead Halfling Society
    Midnight Phyre
    Glory and Honor
    Alt Boxxed In (Box Guild, hopefully I got the name correct)
    Other smaller guilds that don't try and raid, or can't for whatever reasons.
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  15. Zublak Augur

    Think it's <Valor and Honor> - <Boxed In> - and then there's <Unworthy> who's up and coming.
  16. Imdead Augur

    Some great options as Darth listed and most are in it for the long haul I believe which should be nice for those wishing to settle into a good community for a long time. Other than Faceless and possibly PoFE I doubt any of the others are mandatory raiding(although I could definitely be wrong)