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  1. NinjutsuMMO Elder

    another TLP same as the rest and one for boxing.....

    Game is dead......................
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  2. sauron69 Lorekeeper

    These (5?) pvp guys are starting to get cringey.
  3. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Would pvp really have been worse? They could lock a pvp server to kunark and it would have more staying power than coirnav.
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  4. Mephits New Member

    Gee Whiz, This is so exciting folks. Lets do the same thing all over again for the 11th time.

    How utterly boring – and nice work naming a TLP Aradune which will inevitably die off in a year as per the other TLP servers.

    Ooo NON TRUE BOX – license to box on one PC – that’s definitely not already happening anyway.

    You guys rock.

  5. PVPme Augur

    Whats cringey is your name sauron69

    Darkpaw really missed out not bringing in a community that has been asking for PVP TLP for years. Sad but there is always next go around.

    PvP bois don't be discouraged. The non-truebox guys have been crying for a fresh TLP for years now. They'll get their DOA server and soon the PvP bros might have a chance for a server.
  6. mark Augur

    well we love eq the company has to make a profit to keep the game going,so you make a clone of your most popular server and then try some thing new with the second server if it works great next year if you have 2 popular servers you might try something else on a 3rd server and maybe have a budget to advertise.
  7. KnightofTruth Journeyman

    Lol, the small .1% of people at the top already running armies off one computer with heavily modified software will simply step up their game and become even more malicious on this new server. /yawn cya later dbg.
  8. Crackers Elder

    You'd probably have more success arguing PVP as an event server. Speaking as someone who lived PVP during it's prime era in Everquest, I don't see this being feasible for a full blown TLP. You wouldn't have the population, you wouldn't have the longevity, and the profitability just isn't going to be there for Darkpaw. That said...

    There are tons of ideas you could turn this into a highly successful event server, and if it proves to be a success, you'd likely see opportunities to repeat it, or perhaps long term argue for an expanded PVP experience in some fashion.

    A full blown PVP server though, I wouldn't play past Velious on it, because EQ PVP started dying at that point.
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  9. Tsuaruanni Lorekeeper

    Maybe if that community was bigger they would do it.

    In the meantime PVP folks are posting fake, photoshopped conversations with DPG staff in Discord to drum up support.

    Bet that'll convince em to make a server!
  10. PVPme Augur

    We'll never truly know how big or small a PVP TLP community would draw in until they try.

    It would seem their risk server this go around in the non-truebox (which will be pretty dead compared to the Truebox IMO, but we shall see, people do like to cheat so a safe server to cheat on could be popular).

    Maybe next go around the risk server will be a PVP TLP. ;)
  11. Tsuaruanni Lorekeeper

    Based on the data they have...not as big as others.

    Non-truebox might have less than Truebox but I think it'll be far from dead. Lockjaw isn't dead and doesn't have the things Mangler does. If anything it'll potentially kill Lockjaw.

    Like I said - in the meantime you PVP folks can keep posting photoshopped conversations with DPG staff in Discord and telling people it's real cause that totally helps the cause.

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