Live Update Bugs 12/18/2018

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. Piemastaj Augur

    Smoke literally had an NPC put in after you failed.
  2. Prathun Developer

    I'll try to take a look at this tomorrow. Thanks!

    Edit: I see how this can happen, if you make the betrayer accusation last. Definitely a bug. Should be fixed internally.
  3. Takhizis New Member

    Since the patch, I have had to re-enter my log-in credentials into the game client every single time I start the program.
  4. Moege Augur

    TBL: Fight Fire

    Following achievements are bugged.
    Uninhabited (killed the suits without them being inhabited)
    Inhabited (let the jinns inhabit the suits, both suits showed inhabited under their names)

    think we are doing int correctly just not getting the achievements.

    Already reported
  5. Zulan New Member

    Trial of the Ashes of Rusted Cliff's Glory
    The event does not reset, you have to drop the plane of smoke trials to attempt again.

    Please consider toning down the ridiculousness of this event, it's made for raiders, not group geared toons, thanks.
  6. Ssdar Augur

    Also not functioning properly:

    Swift Murder - "Tyrant of Fire" mission. Defeated all the invaders, completing the "No Escape" achievement in under 13 minutes and still did not get this one.

    Unslug Hero - "Remodeling" mission. Should be the same as "Slugish", but is not updating

    Don't Trip - Trial of the Wending Ways. This one theoretically can be completed, but it is insanely difficult due to people randomly getting thrown back to the zonein without actually falling in the pit. This seems to happen most often being flung into the fire mini area. We have tried all sorts of things to keep this from happening: shrinking, growing, illusioning, going at the portal pad from different angles, walking, running, ducking, spinning in the air. Nothing reliably works for everyone.
  7. Judor Journeyman

    Kind of minor, but with the 2 new swap slots in the bank, it's not possible to open all bank bags and all inventory bags simultaneously, if you have bags in all slots. The last 2 bags in the group you open last will not open, until you close 2 other bags, then you can open them.
  8. Smokezz Augur

    If you zone into the Smoke trials from Empyr... when you drop the task it puts you right at a tower with two Pyre guards. Why? If you're not invis, you die before you even zone. Why wouldn't it put you exactly where you zoned in?
  9. Nniki Augur

    The popup text on the screen in Fight Fire says "To" instead of "Do" not stop the chant.


    The text that appears in chat window has the correct word.

    An efreeti warlord starts weaving magical signs, 'We begin now. Together we will burn these mortals to cinders! Do not stop the chant, brother!'

    Not sure that these strings need to be different? Could just make it event text and popup text.
  10. Nniki Augur

    During Fight Fire, it's possible for an efreeti warlord to get stuck in place. He'll act like he's rooted and damage will still go through even when he's "stunned". He still attacks though.
  11. Grau Lorekeeper

    Tattered White Satin Golves seem bugged and also managed to eat my augs. I evolved the golves to 2/2. I clicked on the thing that says claim reward. The claim window pops up and the golves in the reward window are the same as what I already have. So I claim them and put my augs back in. Trying to figure out what is going on I click the Claim Reward thing again, this time the golves disappear and eat my augs.

    Are they the same gloves? Are they different golves? I have no idea.
  12. Piemastaj Augur

    Are you missing the achievement aspect? Might be a bug due to not having all of the hunters done?
  13. Grau Lorekeeper

    I don't have all the hunter stuff done. The first set of gloves I had showed a % and the evolving levels (1/2, 2/2).

    The new(?) golves don't show either of those. I can apparently claim the new ones over and over again.
  14. Piemastaj Augur

    I think its because your missing the achievement part of not having Hunters done. That was my fear when I saw these things, doesn't look like they stop you from moving forward so when it does the check you do not meet the Requirements for the next tier.

    Def seems like a bug, but possibly avoidable until you meet the reqs. :(
  15. Prathun Developer

    Fixed, thanks!
    The texts do need to be different strings. If the g.popup() text was used for the npc.say() or vice versa, they would not display correctly.
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  16. took2summit11 Augur

    I got the lamp to upgrade my necro dissident to rank 2 last night. I right clicked it, it said it was upgraded, the lamp is gone, but its still casting my rank 1. Is there something else I need to do?
  17. Smokezz Augur

    eqlog_Smokebane_bristle.txt:[Thu Dec 20 22:29:08 2018] Your group defeated the Relic Guardians and Vekerchiki Soldiers at the same time. You have failed the Achievement: Perfect Timing

    This is incorrect, when you defeat them at the same time, you get the achievement. Which we did.

    eqlog_Smokebane_bristle.txt:[Thu Dec 20 22:29:12 2018] You have completed achievement: Perfect Timing
  18. Weetea New Member

    I have spent hours, days, eternity and still no Flowing Blue Ribbon, sad face.
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  19. Mulder New Member

    Have this exact same problem. Basically there is no way to filter this off. In the filter menu, there is Damage over Time (Show mine only), and then underneath there are two Damage over Time (mine) and Damage over Time (others) filters which are unchangeable. This makes it so this is impossible to turn off. Hopefully this gets fixed, it's super annoying.
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  20. Nniki Augur

    All versions of the Efreeti Boots (chase item), at least in the plate line, appear to be visible as cloth when previewing.

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