Live Update Bugs 11/28/18

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Yinla Augur

    A while back a lovely GM sent me all my missing house items (now all in the overflow window) Yay!

    My problem now is my Freemind Spore Earring (from one of the halloween quests) cannot be removed from my item overflow nor can it be claimed from my reward window as I already have one. I only reran the querst to get the achievement!

    I cannot destroy anything directly in my itemoverflow nor can I decline the reward in reward window. So I'm stuck with a reward and an item in the item overflow which I cannot claim! As they are blocking each other!
  2. Goodn Augur

    The wizard synergy effect (at least at level 11) will feedback on the caster instead of the mob if the spell lands a negative effect on the caster.

    The wizard cold and magic instant direct damage spells have a chance to land a negative effect on the caster. If you cast a vortex and get the synergy buff and your next non-fire spell is one of the two instants, you will take the synergy 30k damage if the negative effect pops.

    This occurs on Beta and Live btw and with the new version of vortex so there's something in the synergy logic that is messed up.
  3. Zulan New Member

    PLEASE, fix the enchanter totem auras (Arcane Disjunction and Atrophy). This is making mezzing way more difficult than it usually is when I use my Auras. It was reported a few patches back. Neither of the totems are effecting any mobs.
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  4. CatsPaws Augur

    LON card packs are no longer in marketplace. Not sure when they disappeared but I think it was when they took out the turkeys from market place and put in the xmas stuff.
  5. Along New Member

    It appears the targeted AE mez wave line for enchanters has no target limit anymore, not sure if this was intentional. Also, Wake of Atrophy seems to affect trash mobs now but not raid bosses.
  6. doah Augur

  7. Daktarr Journeyman

    There is a wizard teleport bug that I have seen before, but this time I can give you specifics, and it happened several times last week.

    After binding in Scorched Woods, I would use the AA to take my group to my bind spot. (Not sure that matters, but worth noting.) Then when we are ready to leave, I would cast AE TL to bind, and while I get a message saying 'so and so fades away', there is no TL box on the other players. I get the same result using the spell or the AA, group or single. The AE TL to guild hall works, or if I port my group to a different zone, the TL to bind will then work.

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