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  1. Windance Augur

    Does anyone have a list of the achievements needed to unlock all the Hero's Resolution/Fortitude.

    Is it just doing the "Challenger of ____" for each expansion even if they are not listed in the achievement window ?

    For example:

    Challenger of The Darkened Sea shows as the reward:
    AA: Hero's Vitality
    AA: Hero's Fortitude

    Yet newer expansions like TBL,ToV,CoV,ToL do not seem to have any listed.

    I'm at Hero's Fortitude 78/86 and I'd like to know for example, TBL challenger actually gives the AA before I go back through all those missions.
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  3. CatsPaws The Truth is Out There (just use google)

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  4. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Fanra's list is great, but it hasn't been updated since TBL.

    As for challenger rewards, post RoS they started to call them "savior" instead, but it is still challenger achievements, that gives those Hero-AA rewards.
  5. Windance Augur

    Thanks for the links.
  6. CatsPaws The Truth is Out There (just use google)

    At the bottom where Fanra credits who made that list is a link and if you click that link the entire list is there. It just has not been updated in box form.

    Per Fanra: The information on the chart taken from posts by Tyke and Asmadeus on the Ancient Dominion guild forum
  7. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Indeed, which is why I linked to the updated source. ;)
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  8. CrazyLarth Augur

    Claws of Veeshan

    Hero of The Temple of Veeshan V F
    Savior of The Temple of Veeshan V R F
    Hero of Dragon Necropolis V F
    Savior of Dragon Necropolis: Zlandicar V R F
    Hero of Skyshrine V F
    Savior of Skyshrine V R F
    Hero of The Sleeper's Tomb V F
    Savior of Sleeper's Tomb: The Call V R F

    Terror of Luclin
    Hero of Kha Vethan V F
    Hero of Vex Thal V F
    Hero of Basilica of Adumbration V F
    Hero of Bloodfalls V F
    Savior of Kha Vethan V R F
    Savior of Vex Thal V R F
    Savior of Basilica of Adumbration V R F
    Savior of Bloodfalls V R F
    Total ToL 8 4 8
    Overall Total 86 43 86

    not sure where I got this list must be a 2021/2 post about TOL where I got here here on the boards
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  9. Fanra

    I've added Torment of Velious and hope to add the rest soon™.

    I got ToV by looking at the Achievements window, which can be done for all of them, including Claws of Veeshan and Terror of Luclin until I can update them.

    As always, my wiki encourages everyone to add information to it. Any editing mistakes you might make will be fixed by me.
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  10. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    It's a bit different.

    Savior achievements used to be completion of all solo tasks, group tasks, and group missions.
    Post RoS, they became an achievement for completing the Challenger achievements.

    Not sure why they did that. I'm personally not a fan of it and preferred the previous method... but eh. it is what it is.