Lift restrictions on Coirnav XP

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Nivea, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. Nivea New Member

    In the beginning it was fun to have more of the classic feel of slow xp. Now that we are losing so much of they player base to other servers we need something that will keep current players excited to level. Just remove the xp buffers and let people gain xp more quickly.
    As a guild leader I see this as one of the top reasons people say they are leaving to go to other games or servers other than player base is diminishing.
    Do a poll to the active players on the server. I am certain 90% of the players would like to see the xp buffers lessened or removed.

    Second, work out some way for people to transfer from a dying TLP server to another server. Or at least to transfer bags/flags. I wouldn't mind a roll back on my character or even creating a new character if you would allow my purchases on one server to transfer to another server. Having to repurchase bags over and over is ridiculous. Yes, I know DBG makes more $$ in the short run but in the long run people get frustrated and leave the game rather than staying committed to the franchise.
  2. is2u New Member

    I love this idea. Bags should be a one time purchase across your account. I feel I'm being gouged every time my guild changes to a new server.
    Most people are tired of the super long xp grind. I think the people that wanted the super long hours of grinding xp left for WoW classic. Please lift the restriction.
  3. Drumbar New Member

    Da Bags... Da Bagss…… love it!!! hate bying dem darn bags again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again to infinity and beyond!!!!

    Yeah, da xp rate sucks I already left coirnav to another server cause of da durn xp rate on coirnav is garbage
  4. gAropolar New Member

    cornev xp sucks pls fx
  5. Dythan Augur

  6. Midnitewolf Elder

    Honestly, the XP rate is 100% the reason I left Corinav. I originally thought I was ok with the slower progression but when I got to my 50s on my characters, spending 3-4 hours to get 30-40% of a level just wore me out. I don't know if the progression needs to be Selo fast but at least at the stage in my life where I am at where work and family are a consideration, the pace needs to be much faster than it was on Corinav.
  7. oldkracow Augur

    They've never changed the exp on any server besides phinny which was some adjustment after a patch.

    In either case progression exp rates should have always been dynamic with each new open expansion otherwise the same old story happens either people get too far behind and can't catch up or a better server comes along.
  8. Midnitewolf Elder

    Yeah I think we all know that they aren't going to change XP rates if for no other reason than changing the rules of a server after they have advertised them to be the draw for playing on that server is likely to piss someone off. I mean I am sure there are at least a few players on Corinav that like the slower XP rates and hell, those slower XP rates were exactly the reason I selected Corinav in the first place, at least until the reality of what that meant set in for me.

    End of the day, EQ is just an old game and no matter how you dress it up or change the rules, it just isn't going to draw that many new players to the game. Unfortunately, a constant and steady stream of new players is pretty vital to keeping a game healthy through all levels of game play so I think the fate of any EQ server is sealed the day it is brought on line.
  9. Dahaman Augur

    - Coirnav gets its next XP rate boost in 16 weeks with the DODH expansion.
    - Coirnav gets live server XP rates in 32 weeks with the TSS expansion.

    That is a long while away without a doubt, but at least XP boosts are coming.
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  10. yerm Augur

    Maybe they could double the lockouts, that way you get more time to socialize up through the extra long to do levels.

    I do hope everyone watching and especially trying to play on coirnav learned their lesson about slow pace + tlps being bad, but my heart tells me folks will be back, louder than ever, to argue for longer/slower whatever for future tlps.
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  11. Dahaman Augur

    Posted in the wrong thread... apologies...
  12. Silver-Crow Augur

    Personally i can't see much point in fast xp rates till AA's arrive. Until then... why rush to top level, as you're just doing yourself out of content. If you sit back and enjoy the game as it unfolds rather on some insane drive to be top level in 24 hours, then you'll enjoy the game much more. It's not like there's masses of raids to do in the early expacs either.

    Once AA's arrive, again there's not so many till you've bought them all, so again why stress... they will be auto granted eventually and outside of a few core skills, most only give incremental improvements

    Yes it's nice to see the xp bar move, but on the other hand, too fast means you miss out on alot.
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  13. Thalliius Augur

    I got suckered into Coirnav because I first found out about EQ TLP servers when Coirnav had been the newest one released and I wanted to have as new of a start as possible.

    I made it to PoP, but I burned out going through PoPs ridiculous flag/key system and grinding AA. The slow XP was the single biggest deciding factor for me leaving tho
  14. Tweakfour17 Elder

    Come back, Xp is at 240% of what it was and better than Mangler now.
  15. Keella New Member

    This got fixed
  16. Tweakfour17 Elder

    What got fixed?
  17. Keella New Member

    In another thread one of the devs posted he fixed a bug with the xp on coirnav.
  18. Tweakfour17 Elder

    </3 womp womp
  19. Tweakfour17 Elder

    Any chance you got a link? I flipped through the staff tracker and couldn't find where the xp was an issue that got fixed.
  20. Dahaman Augur

    The error was that Coirnav did not get the DODH XP boost. Ngreth fixed this FAST and now Coirnav has the XP boost from DODH.

    Coirnav XP is now faster than Mangler XP and will be so until Mangler catches up to Coirnav when Mangler hits TSS (est. May 2021).

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