Level 80 Teek Silyssar

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Frustrated, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. Frustrated New Member

    The level 80 Teek task on Bristlebane (and I assume elsewhere) keeps getting assigned to Silyssar (even with multiple server crashes/resets per week).
    The task requires a flag to access a teleporter that wont work unless you finish at least 5 group missions with 3+ players.
    Good luck finding a group of 80ish level people to get the flag when you are a solo non boxing player.
    The only other equivalent Teek task that i am aware of that required flags was in Blackfeather Roost and the tasks to get the flags were soloable.
    Please either remove the requirements for the teleporter or put the level 80 Teek task somewhere else.
  2. Ryanxp Augur

    Access to this zone is granted after completing the fifth task in the Solteris arc, "Confront Emperor Zaarisz". And in order to use the portals here you must complete the sixth task in the same arc: "Where There's a Will".
    Access via task missions is no longer valid. You can enter the zone without completion (may need a certain level). I was here a few months ago on my mid 90s berserker with plans to run my boxed shaman.
    Aside from just being a royal PITA to get to, it is still an unlocked zone.
    If I remember correctly, the zone in is in one of the ruins with a lot of pathing mobs, mostly shissar, on the northwestern area of the map. I have a map-pack that states the zone in location; you may need to get one. But the zone finder should lead you right there, too

    This is a skip mission for Teek... The travel to alone makes it not worth doing
  3. Frustrated New Member

    The zone is unlocked and isn't that hard to get to, but the mobs you have to kill are up in the floating cities and you can't get to them without completing the sixth task.

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