Level 115 Potions to make?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by bobokatt, Aug 26, 2021.

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    Can't speak for Cazic's Blood, but I think Alliance Elixir was basically put into the game as a reward for doing the Merchant Alliance quest, to give those who've done it a cheap and easy way to skill up the trophies. I don't think they were ever really meant to be that useful.
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  4. demi Augur

    Cazic's blood is an illusion .. why would there need to be an upgrade ?

    I believe , relik fragment figurine and cazic blood are just playful items .. like the cloth cap and dog whistle and vicious rabbit and erudite pirate pets .. and cazic is just a kewl illusion that grants a small amount of AC nothing major ..
  5. Silu Elder

    If you are raiding and running an empowered guild banner, this is generally all you'll need, unless you really want to min-max with Xygoz Tonic (HP+mana+end boost for post-rez) and Velium Fortified Drink or Gorowyn Fortified Drink (stat cap increases)... though these last two likely aren't worth a buff slot.

    Outside of raid times, Tonic of Efficiency Affinity XI (extends all DoTs by min 1 tick) and Crystal Mana Tonic (mana pres) can be super helpful.
  6. ShadowMan Augur

    Hopefully this is enough lead time for Ngreth to add Tonic of Efficiency Affinity XII to 120.

    This recipe has been missed since RoF and not everyone has a campfire or guild banner at all times. It has been brought up for many betas and the reason every time is "if I have time" wasn't a big deal previously but now it will finally decay out if not handled this time around for any 120 or above dot.