Lemmings of Mischief

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    Who is Lemmings Unbound?

    We are a semi-casual guild on the Mischief server, and want to clear content effectively and want to attract veterans and new players alike.

    Most of us are “aging” family people, who love our dose of EQ a couple times a week, but still have to manage our jobs, businesses, families and bar visits!
    So if you want to kill dragons in a mature and friendly environment, keep on reading!

    Lemmings is all about a friendly and helpful atmosphere, where we have fun playing together. We encourage a helpful attitude where you put the greater good of the guild before your own personal gains and are encouraged to step up and help your guildmates so that we grow stronger as a guild. This being a free-trade server and preventing trouble arising between guilds, we ask that you only be a member of one guild.

    We raid 3 times a week - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 8pm Central European Time (2pm EST/11am PST) to 11pm CEST (5pm EST/2pm PST).
    We use OpenDKP, and a closed bidding system for loot.

    We require that you use discord. Discord is our channel of information and you must be able to listen during raiding time. We do NOT require you to speak, only listen.

    Caught your attention?
    Then check out our website for more information, and links to our discord! https://lemmings-unbound.com/
    Feel free to contact Conal, Zekko, Enchantsy, or Punball in game with questions, or for more information.
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    You could be friends with a Lizard.[IMG]
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    Disclaimer: Despite the hyper-realism of this screenshot, this is NOT in fact a depiction of a real Lemmings AOW kill. The real thing is - somehow - even cooler.
  5. Kumiko_Lockjaw Elder

    With us you can try to get famous with manipulated pictures, have a lot of fun in a very nice community, experience thrilling raids, do AAs in a friendly guild group, get good equipment and have some laughs in discord and chat.
    Whether fun raider, theorycrafter or item fetishist, you have many other players to discuss and share hints and knowledge with.
    Casual or semi-casual? No problem. Here you can balance family, RL and gaming, like most of us do.
    nevertheless, hardcores are welcome too :)

    Luclin is coming!
    Time to join Lemmings.
  6. Belit Lorekeeper

    Join us right before Luclin.
    Time to join on Mischief.
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    Join Moon Lizard.
  8. Kharneth New Member

    Bump for mid-luclin. We're splitting T1 mischief targets, and full clearing VT. Still plenty of AA / epic groups running.

    Come do moon stuff.
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    Hi there returning player that is just starting up on server looking for a home, last played 1999-2002 but never seen planed of power. My name in game is Hallasumm a Magician and would like to join.
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    Would love to join this guild
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    Move this crap to tlp guild recruitment
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