Launch Date sooner than Expected

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by The real Sandaormo, Nov 25, 2020.

  1. The real Sandaormo Augur

  2. Thoxsel Djess' Pet Warrior

    Much earlier than expected. Many things won't be ready for launch. I'm concerned. Also, a bit short notice for taking days off work. Sigh!
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  3. Monkman Augur

    Yeah same, I was blown away when I saw the 8th... was expecting 3rd week of dec
  4. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    It is a week earlier than I expected, it doesn't feel ready, so much still not done or tuned.
  5. Bazuker New Member

    December 8th is a good day to launch.
    They will screw thing up and break the servers, as usual. So, they'll have time to patch, and patch again in December monthly patch. And by Christmas-New Year vacation season we'll have something working. Good timing, imho.
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  6. strongbus Augur

    same me and wife have 12 accounts between the 2 of use we have been spreading out buying the exp for all and had it planned to have all done by 17th. guess some of the accounts won't be able to do cov for bout a 2 weeks.
  7. Cadman Elder

    Earlier is probably better - last time ToV was dropped right before Xmas and nothing got fixed till they came back from their holidays
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  8. kimbotta Lorekeeper

    So what is the dragon horde exactly ? The description hasn't changed.
  9. KrakenReality Augur

    Is this going to be another one of these timed raid unlock tiers again?
  10. Svann2 The Magnificent

  11. KrakenReality Augur

    Well, fudge and nuts.
  12. trakk Lorekeeper

    The 8th? Jesus I have a lot to do in 2 weeks lol. I figured I had til like xmas

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