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  1. Yinla Augur

    Thank you for your continued updates on the patch. :)

    You have got better at pacifiying EQ players (100)
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  2. ArtremasEQ Elder

  3. Nniki Augur

    Ready for next update
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  4. Drakang Augur

    better at pacifying would have been bumping it in one large chunk vice small increments.
  5. FawnTemplar Augur

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  6. Kneeo Journeyman

    He doesn't want to post another update on yet another delay lol
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  7. Nennius Augur

    The world waits with bated breath. When will the servers come up? As for myself, I am getting things done around the house.
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  8. Xammie New Member

  9. smash Augur

    Dont you mean: The world waits with bad breath ?
  10. Xammie New Member

    EQ players glare at you dubiously
  11. Derresh Augur


    the k in klanderso is for katharine
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  12. bortage Augur

    Honestly even though this is mildly irritating this is still way better than expansion launches used to be

    I remember when Luclin came out I opened the launcher, it started patching then my power supply started smoking. This is a drastic improvement over that sort of launch
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  13. FawnTemplar Augur

    Your faction standing with EQ Players has has gotten worse! -23
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  14. Diptera Augur

    Agree 100% with OP - even if there's not much to share, or it's not what we want to read, it's still great to see updates so we know we're not forgotten, and have at least an idea that *something* is happening, even if it's "team trying to work out how to dry the tequila out of the servers after the office party started early" :)
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  15. FawnTemplar Augur

    Thanks for being a good sport Klanderso :D

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