Interesting problem (Return home/shrouds/under world)

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by zarcal, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. zarcal Lorekeeper

    I shrouded down a toon to help an alt do some LDON missions. I lost power over the weekend and when i returned. the shrouded toon was under the world. The return home button is grayed out (i assume since he is a shroud) and now he is quite nicely stuck!

    I am going to try and get a mage over to try and COH me out, but if that doesnt work, what are my options?
  2. Zamiam Augur

    what class is this toon ?
    do you have any gate potions or gate clickies ?
    every toon has the Origin AA also now with Vet rewards also have Throne of heroes .
    have you tried killing yourself ? then just poof to bind point and rez in GL ..
    let me know if any of these work ..
    you didnt give much information in your post only that your toon is stuck .
    also a shrouded toon has the ability to return to the shroud giver via an AA .. might try that .

    I am not familiar with shrouds dont play them much and when I did it was a long time ago .. cant remember what they have access to. but you asked for some ideas .. some of these may work some may not ..
  3. zarcal Lorekeeper

    He is still shrouded so he doesn't have gate and no potions on him. Was just sitting at zone in to get hunter credit and allow me to get the LDON. He is a skeleton level 70. Where he enters world he can only move a little bit so i can't kill him.

    Additionally, i just tried to get an LDON this morning and now it is saying i don't have enough characters. although i have 2 merc and 2 toons (one shroded to 70) so something odd is happening.
  4. Zamiam Augur

    I dont know alot about shrouds but the few times i did try them out ( long time ago) they did have the AA ability to return to shroud keeper .. the AA is called spirit sending .. and it sends you back to the spirit shroud master that transformed you . I just got a shroud and checked the AA for a lvl 70 shroud and it was there ..

    another thing you can try .. is get another toon to see if they can target you and try /duel <playersname> and have them cast spells on you till your dead ? might work if they can target you ... but I would try the spirit sending AA first ..
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  5. Zamiam Augur

    also you could try making a heroic druid/wiz and group with them and see if they can either Evac you or cast a zephyr on you to port you out ..

    did you try the mage CoH thing out .. you said you were gonna try that ?
  6. zarcal Lorekeeper

    TY very much -- learn something new even after 20 years :) I am out. Now if i can just figure out why the same group make up is suddenly saying "Don't have enough adventurers/level" when clearly i do i will be golden.
  7. CatsPaws Augur

    It could be the game thinks that one character is not with the group anymore. Although I have gotten that message too. Here is what I would suggest:

    Return to normal (Unshroud). Camp out then log back in, shroud and try again

    Remember you have to be within 10 levels within group to do LDON but you do not have to be UNDER a certain level.

    IE: Char #1 is level 50 so all the other players need to be within 10 of that
    Char #2 is level 115 - so long as other player is within 10 of that. No need to shroud - LDON are not capped anymore. You will just always get the highest level one once your over 65.

    Some walk thrus say 15 level difference but mine hit at 10 levels.
  8. Zamiam Augur

    this might be out of my wheelhouse , so will throw some scenarios out ..
    firstly, all you told me was that you trying to get an LDoN with 2 toons and 2 mercs 1 of which is shrouded to lvl 70 . what is the lvl of the other toon ?

    maybe the 2nd toon is too high/low for the lvl spread to get an LDoN ?

    try suspending 1 merc and try to get LDoN with 2 toons and 1 merc out .. ?

    Try getting the LDoN with 3 real toons ? if you can ..

    If i remember right think LDoN's had a 15 lvl spread for grouping ? so all toons (both your) toons have to be within that lvl spread ..
  9. zarcal Lorekeeper

    Main char 71 with 71 tank merc.
    Shrouded down a 83 to 70 (with merc) so i don't get the exp penalty.
    I am going to try the 71 with the 83 without shroud to see if that works but i even tried with a different leaader/main and still getting the message.

    Done for today but if it happens again tomorrow i will raise a bug/new thread
  10. svann Augur

    IIRC return home is greyed out if you have been online recently because they dont want people using it as a gate exploit. Log out and close EQ for at least a half hour and then see if you can use return home.
  11. Nniki Augur

    18-minute wait for return home. I think as long as you're not playing that specific character, you're good. Also, the button won't refresh automatically while sitting at character select iirc (needs reloaded).

    April 12, 2005
    July 18, 2012
  12. zarcal Lorekeeper

    I waited over night before i tried the return home still grey. I tried to get a LDON with 2 83 and a merc and got the same message. (and i made sure the original problem account was not involved). Going to post another thread see if anyone has done an LDON lately

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